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  1. The Seahawks have the second highest implied scoring odds this week at 30.5 points. I would feel pretty comfortable rolling with all 4 given there was a chance for 4 Seahawk Tds.
  2. Thanks, that who I have in the lineup but I needed a push in the right direction.
  3. I'm leaning Brown because of the matchup. I'd place Chark a close second.
  4. PPR Pick One. James Conner vs Buffalo DJ Chark vs Tennessee Tee Higgins vs Dallas TY Hilton vs Las Vegas Additionally, Michael Pittman is FA.
  5. This is close but I'm leaning towards Meyers because the potential point totals for NE's remaining games are higher than Buffalo. While I do feel John Brown being out helps Beasley I see his remaining games being low scoring.
  6. I'm a bit wary of starting Jackson off covid. Once Dallas is down Baltimore is probably running the crap out of the ball. On the other side Mattison is out and Cook is beat up so I would imagine Minnesota might be passing a lot. I would start Cousins against the terrible Jags D.
  7. 12 Team PPR 6-6 Pick 2 WR Tee Higgins Deebo Samuel Michael Pittman DJ Chark Jamison Crowder Gabriel Davis Breshad Perriman is available as a FA Still here? Note* If I select your recommendations and they do well I will honor you with a pizza carryout of your choice.
  8. Just curious to hear if anyone believes Keenan Allen might outscore Hopkins ROS in PPR? I think this might happen. Thanks
  9. Johnson. Claypool is excellent as well but from skill and athleticism standpoint Johnson is better than Claypool. Mind giving me your opinion
  10. I'd go Bell against Carolina. Carolina has held WRs, TEs and QBs in check this season. I'm not saying they can contain KC's offense but if there was an opportunity for CEH and Bell to do well it's this week. Mind giving me your opinion https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/830022-who-won-this-trade-whir-100/
  11. I'd go with McKinnon there's no way I would want to start anyone on the 49ers. It might be worth keeping Davis in case Carolina decides not to use CMC very much to keep him healthy for next season. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/830022-who-won-this-trade-whir-100/
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