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  1. Also interested. Exactly what charlie13 asked.
  2. I joined. Are u all active players?
  3. Interested. email: stevens97@gmx.de
  4. I would like to join, but 8 keepers isnt that too much. Why not 1-3 keepers?
  5. Hey guys, im lookin for a 8-10 team league on espn. No keeper league pls
  6. Okei, then i would like to join. Do you have a discord server or somethin like that to chat about the league?
  7. Im down for both( standard or/and idp) What the majority wants, if we have enough players but no keepers
  8. Hey Everyone, I want to start an espn fantasy football league with 8-10 people. only people which are active all season please. If u are Interested let me know and i will send u an invite link email: stevens97@gmx.de
  9. Hey, if u draft a day later, put me in. stevens97@gmx.de
  10. Hey, put me in if youre doin a 8-10 team league. stevens97@gmx.de
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