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  1. Bro tanking fg% and just dipped for a awhile.
  2. He just shoots himself out of top 15 value 🤧
  3. He has the potential to because of stocks and 3's. I'm personally thinking 3rd round
  4. His supporting cast is now worse. I don't know if he'll be godly.
  5. The path to enlightenment is found in a foreign land known as AC forums to some, limbo to others.
  6. Is there a reason why a person can have so many more games played consistently? Every time I play the guy tied with me for first he has way more games in a week. At that point I can't even win because he has at least 6 guys playing except for one day. It's infuriating. I hate taking losses like this.
  7. Oladipo is starting against the Raptors today. This means more opportunity to get back into his groove.
  8. AD with these limp dick games is annoying to no end. Wtf man
  9. Damn should I pursue him? I'd buy low but if he is traded to Atlanta he would be affected by Collins
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