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  1. Fair enough. I've seen him going mid/late 2nd to mid 3rd in most mocks. His Yahoo ADP is 21 and his ESPN ADP is 27 right now.
  2. I know talk is just talk, but in his All The Smoke interview earlier he seemed pretty motivated to prove something this season. He's also been pretty vocal in requesting a bigger role in the offense during the off-season. You think there's any chance with a new coach, an even more load-managed Kawhi (with the shortened season), and this added motivation that he gives us late-first/early second-round value this season?
  3. Thanks for the response man. I didn't think it was remotely veto-worthy either. I was unsure about making the trade because Ingles has been balling out for me for the past month, but ended up taking the risk hoping it would pay off more in fantasy playoffs. I'm worried Ingles' production will take a big hit come fantasy playoff time as a healthy Conley will likely take a lot of usage away from him.
  4. Hey guys, is Oladipo for Ingles veto-worthy? (12T 9cat H2H) For context, the last place owner offered me his Oladipo for my Ingles and I accepted. He currently has Oladipo, Steph, and Zion out and needs wins now in order for him to get into playoff contention. A few of the other owners in the league have said this trade is unfair and should be vetoed. What are your thoughts on this?
  5. 28/5/4/4/2 with 3 threes on 50% shooting. I can’t believe people were doubting this man.
  6. Unless that guy picked a bust for every single pick after the third round or one of those three gets injured come fantasy playoffs, they're very very very likely to win that league lmao.
  7. Definitely don't drop OG. He may be back as soon as tomorrow and he pretty much has the starting SF spot locked up for the rest of the season. If anything, he could get better with growing confidence. Stocks will always be there and his offensive game is improving. Boucher is a good short-term pick-up, but his value will take a big hit when Ibaka is back.
  8. If you can afford to hold on to Conley for a bit before pulling the trigger I think it would be a good idea. His value has taken a hit because of his poor production to start the season and should only go up from here. If you hold on to him for a few more weeks you could likely more in return for him. Definitely don't do it for BroLo.
  9. If you're in the top half of the waiver priority I wouldn't do it either. Theis & Time Lord were doing really well before their short-term injuries & I can't seeing Kanter being anything more than a FG% and rebounds specialist in the near future. My guess is his minutes won't be amazing this year and will mostly be matchup-based.
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