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  1. Looks like they're still hesitant to give him big min. I scooped him in the league I dropped, but still unsure what this game means.
  2. You can probably do better in 10T or under. Still, even post-injury he's shown he can have upside (GSW) so he's definitely someone to monitor.
  3. Yeah I think the confusion stems from the fact that they don't actually adhere to the rules. Guy's have gotten the INJ tag after one game missed, and guys have missed 3+ without getting it. Hopefully it's something Yahoo cleans up this year.
  4. In general, they wait until a guy is projected to miss 7+ days to give the INJ tag.
  5. Holding until we hear David Johnson is both a) healthy, and b) starting
  6. Agreed that it's definitely not safer: they just know sooner if they've got it.
  7. Regardless of that it always comes down to who's on your roster - but I think I answered my own question. Maybe next year DJ 😔
  8. At this point is Chark droppable? Matchup with MIN next week is nice, but we confident enough to play him against TEN/BAL/CHI during the playoffs?
  9. I probably wouldn't expect much from Hill either, but he's definitely worth a grab given we don't know the specifics of Gurley's injury. He could be back next week, he could be shutdown for the season.
  10. This probably keeps him out Sunday, right? 😠
  11. All I want for Christmas is a healthy CMC for 3 weeks 🎁
  12. And Gaskin got in a limited practice (non-contact). Should be interesting to see the practice reports the next couple days.
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