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  1. The team with Giannis was filled, but I have one other available. PM for full roster and league details.
  2. I have tons of yahoo baseball experience, but have always been in keeper leagues. I would like to join a stable, established dynasty league for next year and beyond. I'm open to Roto or H2H formats, just as long as the league has big rosters and plenty of NA spots for minor league players. Also, I'm not super interested in tons of chat about the league. My work keeps me too busy to have to respond to tons of chat messages, or groupme, or whatever the kids are using these days. Just looking for a league full of baseball diehards without questionable trades going on where I can build my tea
  3. If anyone wants a free keeper team in an active, competitive, established league, please send me a PM. 16 team league, H2H scoring, daily lineup changes. We have already drafted for this year but you can jump in for this year and will have 6 keepers next year like every other team will. PM for full roster and league details. Giannis or Bucks fan would be a bonus since the team has Giannis on it. Thanks.
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