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  1. Definitely ? This is the bulls organization we're taking about
  2. I've dropped him for Norman Powell. Nunn it's trending down with Jimmy back, and it's a deep Miami roster. Powell should get loads of the Lowry minutes in coming weeks, a thin roster in Toronto
  3. He's leading the team in minutes and shot attempts. Even if he comes back to earth, he's a keeper
  4. He's SG only on ESPN. I'm waiting for PG elibility
  5. I'm not too worried about usage as the other starters have holes in their game. Herro not great on D, Winslow reluctant shooter, Leonard not a play maker - can't dribble etc. They weren't going to rely on a rookie to anchor the bench so sent dragic there. I'm all in
  6. yep I had him that year he was great. This is my last roster spot, as I got Prince, Lopez and Warren ahead of them. I'm betting Harris can't repeat the elite and efficient 18ppg until he does it again. I don't feel good about it, he looks the best option on my wire.
  7. I feel like the 2 triples and 1.5 stocks from Harris can be easily found. 3 boards and 3 dimes isn't hard to find either on the wire. That Denver roster is deep too. Bacon has the opportunity for much more counting stats, and a long leash on a rebuilding team
  8. Yeah similar numbers to Gary Harris. maybe he'll board better in the regular season when the games matter
  9. Roster flexibility, maybe you got a bunch of wings on your squad
  10. Yep. Very confident. From experience, ESPN are usually slow
  11. Any thoughts Prince vs OG Anunoby, especially when punting assists ?
  12. Any thoughts on Anunoby vs Taureen Prince for a punt assists team ?
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