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  1. Nevermind I was wrong. Collins not playing last 5 minutes even after having a good game. Gg
  2. Lord commeth with blessings. He works in mysterious ways.
  3. Lets goo, McMillan likes his small ball. Hoping he runs Collins as much as he ran Sabonis last year
  4. I am not so sure on a minutes limit. I mean even if there is, it won't last more than a week's worth of games. They said that he won't come back until he's fully healthy and gained his conditioning back. So defeats the purpose if he's still on a minutes left. Then again, I wouldn't put anything past the Memphis organization.
  5. Yeah I agree. Even if we had commish veto only, I am commish so everyone would have just called me a cheater instead lol. So I rather get vetoed. It is what it is.
  6. Nevermind guys, the other teams got scared and vetoed.
  7. Its a good trade for you, but I feel like you could potentially get better value. The trade only in your favour because of build, but the other party does not need to value your players accordingly.
  8. Your team doesn't seem weak on 3s. You got Gary Trent who's legit. I have many of the same players, just give Trae and Garland a few more games. OG will be back soon too. Only thing you could do is try to trade Horford, Kanter or Lopez for an SG/SF. Perhaps you can manage to get Beasley, Joe Harris, Buddy Hield or the like.
  9. Yeah Demar and lamelo, better side by far
  10. Just traded my Bam for AD. I do have space on my IL and I am already seed 1 in my league, with a sizeable lead. I think worth the risk overall? Hopefully survives the veto.
  11. Guys the Grizzlies only said they'll be ramping him up over the next month. Maybe that means he's gonna play but be on a minutes limit? Him not playing till March is just his interpretation of what Memphis meant. Wishful thinking on my part maybe.
  12. LOL, can I pick you up in my league? I can use a 15/5/10 line. What's your defense like?
  13. Yeah obviously the team is going to lose if he's gonna play his starters 12 minutes
  14. I think if you're in a data or analytics field, you could list fantasy as a project of some sort. I wouldn't talk about anything to do with trade discussions or any interpersonal skills. Keep it specific to data. You could "exaggerate" and claim you built some sort of a screening or predictive model to identify high value players. If questioned about it during an interview, any avid fantasy player would have the knowhow to answer.
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