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  1. He's building confidence for a strong finish and people will continue undervaluing him (10th ranked among PF) so just hold tight. Any uptick in scoring over the second half would elevate him to early-mid round value, and even if the numbers stay put he's been providing more than people realize
  2. gonna need a definition on that one as well
  3. Define 'weak sauce'. He's the #2 ranked PF despite the FT slump and a missed game, Lakers are the ones calling the shots about his availability during a back 2 back
  4. They'd never force him to play, he's made it painfully clear he calls the shots in regards to his availability (RIP spurs dynasty). And I don't think missing 2 games after the scary facial injury qualifies as load management until we see a more suspicious DNP
  5. He's playing as well as we could ever hope moving forward - it's clearly his big sell high moment. That said, brogdon's not inherently the easiest sell at any point due to being an efficiency play, which is generally valued less than a drummond or westbrook type. Right now he kinda looks like a 9-cat god, so there's a window. I personally love his real life game too much to part ways.. the most intelligent players last longest in this league
  6. This is why you draft for ceiling, not risk aversion 🏆
  7. Yeah cj's cookin big time and i think it's a bit like Middleton in that he's a great scorer less by athleticism than intelligence, which allows his game to evolve more gracefully and surprise us late into his career. Lillard's indisputably alpha but they need cj's cool head for rough patches like this Also like middleton, people are confused why the team's paired its star with him for so long.. blazers are all about chemistry & loyalty cuz it's the standard dame sets, right? gotta respect that
  8. This condensed season is all about the young guys, especially on a team fresh off a deep run. Looking back i wish i hadn't drafted anyone over the age of 30. It was tough 2 games in to pull the trigger but now looks like i struck gold turning rubio (0 pts 2 ast tonight) into herro. That's an extreme example, but if you're trading i say trade for youth
  9. 12 / 8 / 5 is a strong line, toss in the 1.6 stocks he's averaging and that would be a top 75 fantasy season. Hornets struggled during PJ's slump so his role as their primary big appears unchanged.. they wouldn't keep starting him if they weren't invested. I get the urge to act fast but you're not gonna find his upside on waivers now unless someone in your league goof dropped a steady contributor. He's a sophomore, they're often streakier than vets but also more capable of growth Every early struggler has a thread where folks label them trash and cut bait the moment they fail to meet expe
  10. It's honestly my fault for jumping the gun
  11. I have siakam/sexton and i'd take that right away. More hesitation w/butler as the load management concerns are there.. but i'm all in on trading for the higher ceiling as long as a player isn't actively dealing with injuries. Pascal's grown leaps and bounds over the last few seasons so i'm excited for his future - people forget he didn't start playing basketball until he was nearly 18 i doubt we'll regret holding onto sexton's steady offensive output, but now really is the time to strike as evidenced by some of these offers
  12. Shooting 54% on the season. Had the shortest offseason of anyone.. give him time
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