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  1. nvm, went full youth movement and dropped brook. there are b2b's first two weeks of playoffs which is what clinched it
  2. Big night for Moses and the fantasy future of OKC - Bazley and Dort back in the lineup. If Baz quickly resumes a role of 30 mins, you gotta think this takes away from MB's potential, because Poku clearly established himself as too intriguing a prospect to be the only victim here
  3. Coming up on the end of a critical matchup (h2h 8cat), probably going to lose but outside shot at a comeback. My next 2 are cakewalks, so after this week i'm only concerned with building the right team for playoffs, late April - mid May Jalen is somehow still on waivers, and i don't expect it to last beyond today. My obvious cut candidates are Theo Maledon and Moses Brown - problem is, both are playing tonight and I need to maximize roster spots, so I'll have to wait a few more hours until games start (even longer if i want to see how each performs with Dort/Bazley back in the mix). Other
  4. His marginal value earlier this year was dependent on heavy playing time, and it's unlikely they push him as hard coming back from injury during a tank. Not to mention, several bigs have emerged in his absence and proven to be more efficient, so i'm not running to grab him unless he returns with a big line
  5. Thing is, magic were high on mlack bamba from the get go and despite his athletic floor-spacing potential to fit alongside Vuc, he's down from 16 mpg as a rookie to 14 last year and 12 this year. If he was the special player he seems like on paper (or if you've ever played 2k), it would've forced its way into the rotation by now. He's obviously got a good opportunity and those per-minute numbers are juicy but I'm skeptical about his conditioning to last 20+ mins, especially now that WCJ appears locked in to a big role
  6. stewart went off in his absence: 16 / 13 / 4 / 1 / 1 on 8/10. jerami was out too so may not be sustainable but i'm guessing he's a better value than MP from here on out
  7. I agree that between Plumlee's impending rest days and a diminishing role when he does play, there's an argument to be made he's your lowest upside contributor moving forward. I'm in a crucial matchup this week for making playoffs so he could be the one to go. But it's very difficult to part ways with someone who's been balling out this consistently
  8. Well now's starting to feel like the moment... questionable tonight with a concussion and the team's probably looking for any excuse to rest him (not to mention he'll miss at least one leg of this weekend's b2b). Stewart's been playing at a lowkey near-fantasy level most of the season, so he's someone to keep an eye on while this unfolds. Shame he can't pass like plumlee, but a less hurtful FT shooter with potential to be a modest 3pm contributor. On a small sample size, he's shooting 41.7% from deep this season 😳 I wonder why he hasn't gotten more looks
  9. You'd be surprised what a big fat old-fashioned center line can do to people's memories. But i kinda agree, he'll need a couple in a row at this point to have enticing trade value
  10. I'd like to see an SGA return asap because MB needs playmakers who can actually distract defenders and create easy looks. Frankly if he puts together another 20-20 the smart thing to do would be flip him immediately for a more reliable value. Gotta hold for at least a few more games on OKC's busy schedule. The fact that garbage time allowed for a respectable line despite how terribly he played suggests he has a comfortable floor to work with.. but the leash is shortening
  11. Wish i could get a "drop Plumlee for Stewart" notification on my phone when the moment arrives
  12. I'm sorry, didn't mean to come on strong or tell anyone what to do or not do. Everyone's team needs are different. I view an outpouring of available usage for a young player on a contending team as a dream scenario for fantasy - if you don't see it that way, drop his @$$ The reason I went after you may also have to do with a post I keep seeing at the top of WCJ's thread from a few games ago when you had a similarly alarmist take without enough of a sample size to fairly draw conclusions. Opportunity is everything. Moving into a situation with less competition for usage gave Wendell an opp
  13. One blowout means nothing. The argument for holding PJW is simple - he was the 13th ranked PF (which is roughly 2nd best PF on a roster value) before his unit lost two usage monsters. All season he's been a better value than he gets credit for, and that holds true during his mega slump (thanks to serviceable defensive stats). You're allowing recency bias to draw conclusions about a player's future outlook even though his potential moving forward isn't accurately represented by what he was doing pre-injuries. It's not about getting a few extra minutes, it's who has the ball in their hands.
  14. All waiting to roast him in case he doesn't single handedly win their weekly matchup with today's line
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