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  1. Trade my Dejountay for G. Hayward? or would i rather hold on for hayward late season upside?
  2. And his out...he hurt his knee and is out for the remainder of the game but is back in the bench.
  3. Im unfortunately on the bottom half of the standings and im contemplating who i should drop for Duncan Robinson, House or Wagner?
  4. Aside from the him pulling down ur FG%, im really curious what he can offer now? well i def think he can probably offer more come near fantasy, but for now will he win u more or will just take more from u?
  5. If ur punting FG% grab culver asap, if not he's def on everyones watchlist
  6. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for this guy for 12-teams? 😪
  7. Im giving up on G.Harris and contemplating who I should pick up on the ww. Wagner vs WCS?
  8. Exactly..So much people here are easily swayed when they see double digit scorers...example is kuzma, which is still owned by almost 80% btw.. id take 1/1/1 guy over a 15ppg guy with almost hallow stat-line anyday
  9. Yes. and once his mins. restriction is lifted u'll see..🤑
  10. looney i think would have the better bigman stats
  11. Lau This guy is definitely a hold. but lets be real though he might not reach close to his projected ceiling this year plus his touches are even down this year. But still way too early! so HOLD!
  12. lol, and they said it was a fair trade. 🤑
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