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  1. Hi, I got offered a trade of Oladipo and D. Howard for my Curry and Melton. I'm wondering if that trade is worth or if I should ask for more? --- Basically, I'm 10th and outside the playoffs so I'd like some better help sooner than later. WHIR.
  2. Depends on your team, but overral Porter Jr. more already player (will fill those stats nicely across the board) help me out please!
  3. Hi y'all. 12 team 9 CAT H2H League. I have Curry, he has Giannis. He really wants Curry and right now the best trade is Giannis and (Lowry or Conley) for my Curry. Wondering if that's a fair trade. He also has Mitchell/Vucevic that I could try to get instead. WHIR of course. Thanks!
  4. Need more details esp type of league, roster would be nice too
  5. wth why did he even get dropped in the first place?
  6. Just wait it out as these are good boom/bust players
  7. JV (but doesn't really matter in the grand scheme)
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