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  1. Drop PJ Washington, Divincenzo or Kyle Anderson for this guy?
  2. Literally lost the same 3 players and now Ayton going down for me as well. Fade me.
  3. Traded this guy away for Ayton and am now regretting it :(. Missing those assists + stocks
  4. What are your guys thoughts on this guy? I picked him up as a streamer but he’s stuffing the stat sheet atm. Is he at least worth a hold until OPJ returns in 10 team leagues?
  5. If you have an IL spot, then I would pick him up and stash him.
  6. I would do it. Drummond is a beast and Kawhi is on load management. That leaves Mitchell and Prince for Kyrie and Middleton which is another win for the Kyrie side imo.
  7. I would hold Roco and hope he picks it up. If you want to trade him, I'd wait a bit for his value to pick up and get a better haul. Help?
  8. Agree. Make the trade but your rebounding will take a hit. help?
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