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  1. Cool thanks. The fact that Dinwiddie is better player when Kyrie is our and Kyries injury history is what has me going back and forth.
  2. I forgot to mention it’s just points. % and stuff like that doesn’t matter.
  3. Some one offered me Dinwiddie for my Bojan. should I do it? I also have Kyrie and my guard has been rough since I have Vanvleet, McCollum and Kyrie. Injuries killing me.
  4. Aw i see. Well since holmes has been crashing and burning screw it i claimed him so lets see what happens.
  5. Ok cool. Cause i looked at this thread and people seemed down on him.
  6. ok so i claimed him. Seems like even though he's been down you guys think it's worth using my number 1 waver order on him right?
  7. He hasn't been good. You think he'll get better?
  8. why lol? Cause someone dropped him or I asked this question or both. lol.
  9. why asap? he's been down all year. You think he'll rebound? No pun intended. lol.
  10. i thought i had solved my center troubles. Damn Badgly!!! Thankfully Jackson Jr has been better as of late.
  11. hi Guys, i need a center now that holmes sucks and someone dropped Myles Turner. Should i use my number 1 position in the waver order to claim him or not worth it?
  12. He's on the waver wire and i'm first in order in my league. Should i use my first position to claim him?
  13. cool thanks guys i resisted doing the trade. He took it off and sent me a message "Bams value just went up. He's a C/PF now on Espn" lol.
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