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  1. 14 team no brainer. His output the last 2 games would be better than your bottom 3-4 players. Pick him up and he's an easy cut if it doesn't pan out. But the path to minutes is there for at least 2-3 weeks until Delon returns. If he continues this form he'll lock himself into 25 min regardless of who's available.
  2. 21-3-4-2 and Casey gave him the game ball and was full of praise. Let's see where this goes.
  3. We might have a run don't walk situation developing here for 12 teams and above. Hayes cooked. DSJ is straight trash. Played well first game and ballin his the first half of his second game. 13-2-2-1 in 12 minutes.
  4. Rumours Cousins might sign with Celtics. This is not ideal.
  5. Not travelling due to health and safety protocols along with Gay, Keldon and Vassell. These must be the 4 that tested positive. Just great.
  6. Leading the league. Take the risk. If it pays off, you win your league if covid doesn't ruin it for you.
  7. Stream while everyone is out. Dump him when they return.
  8. McLaughlin a sneaky add for deep leagues. Steals and assists specialist looks to be getting 20-25 min while DLo is out.
  9. No set back and he's warming up. Game time decision.
  10. Personally I would do this trade. Sexton might be the better real life player right now but Halliburton is the higher ranked 9 cat player and his ranking hasn't yo yo'd. He's held steady around that 40-50 mark. If Barnes is better than your bottom 2 players, no brainer for me.
  11. For basically the number 1 player in fantasy right now.. you definitely need a little more. Shop Jokic for better pairings and if no one else bites.. revisit this. Maybe throw a 2nd player in and ask for a 3rd player back. Obviously if your team is struggling to win you need to act fast to make finals.
  12. Getting no love at all!? Happy to offer insights to anyone who offers me advice. Thanks again fam.
  13. Bump.. any others have thoughts on this? Thanks in advance.
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