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  1. LMA was 25th in 9 cat last season. That doesn't disappear in 1 off-season. I'm in a 14 team league and it's an easy scoop. Harden going to be feeding him.
  2. So what does everyone think he'll average in Brooklyn?
  3. Minutes trending up. Stats trending up. Last 2. 14-4 with 2 blocks 14-2-1 with 1 block And today 14-6-4 with 4 blocks with a quarter to go.
  4. Maybe he still has some value. 11-4-3-1 in 16 min. Let's see how many minutes he plays today.
  5. So is he done for the day? f--- this guy.
  6. Where the haters at. Aside from the **** FG% Triple double with 3 steals.
  7. When is everyone grabbing him? Prior to all star break?
  8. Still laugh I drafted this guy with pick 101
  9. Ranked 84th over the last 3 games. DSJ serving up some humble pie.
  10. He's a hold right now. DeRozan moves on and He's gold. Spurs kids will be unleashed.
  11. 14 team no brainer. His output the last 2 games would be better than your bottom 3-4 players. Pick him up and he's an easy cut if it doesn't pan out. But the path to minutes is there for at least 2-3 weeks until Delon returns. If he continues this form he'll lock himself into 25 min regardless of who's available.
  12. 21-3-4-2 and Casey gave him the game ball and was full of praise. Let's see where this goes.
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