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  1. https://twitter.com/ChrisCotillo/status/1384588400754315267?s=20
  2. Anybody know if you can use a friend’s T-Mobile login info to take advantage of this deal?
  3. I am, because covid is wreaking havoc on my team. I just hope Deebo plays a full compliment of snaps.
  4. Can confirm. Live in north suburbs of Chicago and the wind is howling.
  5. White Sox want to recoup some of his service time they lost last season. He will be in AAA until May at the earliest.
  6. I would assume they’re being super cautious. The fact he came back in to finish the game, and he’s even a limited participant in practice would lead me to believe he’ll be playing Sunday.
  7. Don’t think that’ll happen. I’m expecting a big game. I’m sure Arians would love to run up the score against his former team. With that being said, I’ll meet y’all back here Monday after Jameis implodes 😂
  8. Big bounce back game coming. Did you see what Lockett & DK did to this secondary? 🤤
  9. There was a story during the bye week that he wanted to stay in Cincy. Maybe he missed practice because he was signing his extension 🤞
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