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  1. I’ve been offered Mike Evans for Waller and Ty Johnson. Since I have Kelce, does it make since to do this deal or should I just stay with Waller in the Flex? Current Starters: (PPR) QB- Rodgers RB- Carson, Jacobs WR: D. Adams, Kupp, McLaurin TE: Kelce Flex: Waller Bench: Kirk, T. Coleman, Singletary, Ty Johnson, Penny, Brees Thanks!
  2. Ridley should get an uptick in volume, but I can see Seattle controlling the clock, as they should easily be able to run against the Falcons defense.
  3. Seems pretty even. I’d rather be on the Adams side, but fair value either way and I do think OBJ produces more the second half of the year.
  4. McLaurin is incredibly polished for a rookie and was open many times yesterday. The issue is having a coach stuck in the old days of football and choosing to run 65% of the time. If Keenum stays the starter, McLaurin will be fine. If Haskins starts the rest of the year, big trouble ahead.
  5. Guy is horrible and I’m saying that as a Skins fan. They do need to play him for the rest of the year to see if he can flash something or may need to take the Josh Rosen route and trade him. I’m sure the new coach won’t commit to building around him.
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