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  1. My league is 12 team 9 cat Owner offered me Drummond + 1 for Dame / I'm thinking about countering and asking for SGA and Covington Im punting Reb I literally have no C's all off the waivers I also just lost Kyrie so if i send Dame I'd probably be going for FG% FT% 3's Stls Blks & TO (Punting Pts Reb Ast) *hence not taking drummond because it would tank my FT% What do you guys think? Please also comment with your link if you would like some help in return. Thanks
  2. i would argue rubio > ja giannis is > simmons (who is also taking a hit now that joel is back)
  3. Reviving this thread hopefully others will see it. Who would you guys stash now with your open IR?
  4. Rank your priority PJ Tucker, Thybulle, or Kevin Porter Jr, Cam Reddish, Joe Harris [12T 9CAT] WHIR Please comment with your link
  5. 30 Minutes for Bjelica tonight.. Only mid-20 min for Richuan and Bagley.. I thought that maybe they were in foul trouble so it opened up more time for Bjelica but Holmes had the most fouls on the team with only 4. Worth noting that Harrison Barnes played closed to 40 and he on 6-17 shooting so it's not like he got heavy minutes because he was on fire or nothing. This one game sample size was with the hornets who's only centers are zeller and biyombo so it'll be interesting to see the minutes distribution in the next games against the Pacers and the Grizzlie's frontcourt. (Sabonis Tur
  6. i rather have the tatum wiggins and d lo
  7. i dropped him in 12 team for dejounte / dunn - keeping an eye on him cuz i saw news of redick maybe getting traded - kenrich is also stealing some usage
  8. vucevic side wins, maybe not in the short term but ROS definitely
  9. Is Murray worth stashing givin this last game in a 12 Team? Downside is he only has 2 games next week or I would have already grabbed. I feel like if I don't though he will be taken due to his ADP pre-draft and the hype going into this season End of bench guys are Bjelica / Kriss Dunn / Josh Hart.. Others on the waivers include Aron Baynes, Delon Wright, Dwight Powell (Mavs only got 2 games next week too)
  10. KP has that sore knee going on, might be handcuff szn streaming the tues/wed b2b to find out
  11. yes this dude is trying to steal boards from hassan and stealing points from lillard.. happy to see him ball out but bad for us lillard owners
  12. Got two trades vetoed in the last 3 days where I made 2 fo 1's for first rounders (pre-season rankings). League veto rule is 4 out of 12 players vote against it and the trade is off.. Am I being butthurt or is this league rule completely broken?
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