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  1. Espn removed IR eligibility on guys like Oubre, Towns and Bagley as well. Espn gonna espn.
  2. Does not really matter who is healthy and who is not, his development seems to be a priority for Cavs rightnow. He leads the team in playing time the last few games.
  3. Espn finally acknowledge his existence after 5 games. On waivers until Thursday.
  4. The truth is Wolves have completely shattered any trust between them and the fans with how bad they have handled their injury related information. At this point any post that comes out could be true or just image protection. No trust whatsoever from now on to any news that comes out with reference to this organization. I advise you disregard the "desperate to return" post and any other posts about motive, willingness, intentions etc. He is out at least 2 weeks and that's it for now.
  5. Karl-Anthony Towns (left wrist) is not practicing Wednesday, and coach Ryan Saunders said Towns will miss games. Saunders did not give a timetable on when KAT could make it back. Reports from last week said KAT is expected to "miss multiple games" from his injury, and it's important to note that the MRI revealed an injury and didn't come back clean. With the Wolves eyeing the lottery, they could take their time on getting Towns back out there. Naz Reid figures to get more run as a 12-team add while James Johnson gets plenty of center minutes as a possible starter. This i
  6. His point is the injury prone tags are getting more and more vague. Every year a few "ironman" tags are being removed. In the modern era of NBA with all the load management and teams aiming either the top of the ranks or the bottom in a constant attempt to avoid the middle, it is getting harder to predict the "gp" factor. So yes, GP is the most important category of them all but also the most unpredictable. You mention a few names to make your point but I can name a few back to reverse it. However, we can all agree that predicting gp of a player is getinng harder every year, so
  7. We do not have a timetable for Holmes though. What we have is a re-evaluation date.
  8. It's fun at first but then you will get tired of them. It is just the same 3-4 guys that are runting and call KAT a pussy after every single game (no matter what). You 'll learn to ignore them.
  9. Hey, if it works it works. I just want to see stuffed boxscores
  10. Tough guys! Get that homophobic comments out of here. Btw, if you plan on keep hating on KAT all the way through the end of the season, may I suggest the "vent and rant" thread ... https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/771221-vent-rant-thread-2019-2020/?tab=comments#comment-8804311 you are welcome
  11. There might be a 2 week span of him sucking untill he figures things out with Dlo. Anyway, any shut down risk is avoided now. Also, Russel instead of Wiggins is great news for all Minesota's player fantasy value. Great news for KAT and Wolves in general.
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