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  1. My league has the following guys in the free agency and I’m planning on picking one of them up, who do you think has most upside in the future? I’m in a 10-team H2H points league by the way. -Davis Bertans -Jae Crowder -Danuel House Jr. -Daniel Theis -Rui Hachimura
  2. Not gonna lie, Rubio’s back injury and the return of Ayton may be a little bit concerning, but this one is really a no brainer. In a points league, Rubio is simply too good to pass for the likes of Holmes. Accept the trade and hope it doesn’t get vetoed.
  3. Someone in my 10-team H2H points league offered me his Sabonis for my Tatum, should I accept this? Any help is appreciated.
  4. Is there any chance he gets PF eligibility?
  5. Just picked up Jonathan Isaac, but I’m still considering grabbing Favors and dropping Aron Baynes. Baynes has been playing well recently but when Ayton returns his production will likely drop, so Favors might be better even though Ingram and Zion will return. Should I drop Baynes for Favors?
  6. If possible just hold Lowry, he’s way better than the likes of Carter Jr. or Oubre. If you’re that desperate, than trading for Tobias is only a small decrease in value. Dropping Curry is a possibility, but someone who has an available spot would definitely scoop him up and it might come back to haunt you later.
  7. Got both these guys on the waiver right now, but I can only pick up one. I’m in a 10 team H2H points league so I don’t need specific stats, just whoever you think will produce more. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Shai played the most minutes of anyone on the team, just simply wasn't hitting his shots and surprisingly failed to secure a single assist. To be fair, the Thunder as a whole wasn't playing well either losing 85-111.
  9. Same dude. Maybe there is some pattern with people drafting both Middleton and Lowry. After Middleton left the game with a bruise I was pretty relieved, but now he is out for 3-4 weeks, like really man. Hope my bench can pick up the slack these next few weeks.
  10. Thanks for the advice. I ended up picking House over Fournier because he was playing 4 games versus Fournier’s 3. I could definitely see Fournier playing a little bit better per match, but I just don’t feel like it’s enough to overcome an entire extra game.
  11. Got all three of these guys on my bench in a H2H points league, Burks and House are playing 4 games and Fournier is playing 3 this week. Who do you think I should start? Any help is appreciated.
  12. Great game from Capela, really reminded me of why I drafted him in the first place. That being said, he definitely got a big boost in the last couple of minutes while all the other starters were out, adding on to an already great night.
  13. Thanks for the advice, this is a 10 team league.
  14. Someone in my league offered to trade me his Joel Embiid for my Clint Capela and Thomas Bryant, should I accept this? Any help is appreciated.
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