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  1. Man this guy is basically giving us Aaron gordon lite numbers just more efficient from the field & from 3 FOR FREE. also a low volume FT shooter it seems like. very underrated glue piece he doesn't force anything and lets the game come to him.
  2. Starting lineup/ Or 4th qtr lineup should be: Rondo, PG, Kawhi, Ibaka, Cousins most likely will be 4th qtr lineup though if even that. imo he's still got some gas left in the tank and he's playing with super efficient wings and just smarter superstars in general as opposed to his short rockets stint. Ibaka should definitely play his actual position at the 4 so him and boogie can space out in case they play a fully healthy lakers team. cause if you start Ibaka at the 5 against Drummond and AD he will get utterly murdered down there. imagine you finally get a stop on AD then dru
  3. KPJ is playing tonight so i could activate him from my IR Who should i drop? Or should i leave KPJ on IR for tonight and see how gafford plays tonight since it will be his debut with his new team. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. This is what concerned me as well, last game he shot 4/7 from the line and this game he shot 2/5. I still picked him up though cause of FOMO.
  5. I'm still holding IQ rn but please don't forget that ELF has a NTC on his contract automatically so it is really up to Thibs to decide if elf should continue to get playing time or not because elfrid has a say in where he gets traded and i don't see him leaving NYC. Although as a knicks fan, i am hoping he somehow agrees to a trade so we can further develop IQ and he can be mentored by D rose.
  6. Taking a flier just cause of DET's 4 4 4 schedule and i need a PG, just hope he doesn't kill my %'s too much.
  7. Still haven't dropped him since i picked him up for when Kawhi & PG were out bc of Covid. His track record literally says it all & it was tough for me to drop him because of that but wow it looks like it paid off for me even if it's just for a short amt of time. PG's toe does seem concerning though and there is no ETA on when he comes back. it's all about the minutes for Lou the production shouldn't be in question, just look at his game logs from the past 3 years when he gets his mins/usage. Luke Kennard isn't gonna cut it if the LAC want to win games which im sure they do if they
  8. Absolute scoring machine off the bench! I don't mind payton or whoever starting for the first 6-7 mins of the game with high usage players like Randle & RJ The minutes just need to be in the 24+ range for him to produce solid #'s. So i'd just be rooting for more consistent minutes rather than getting caught up on whos starting or not starting cause he'll likely get less touches as a starter. The way he's producing right now though is phenomenal and he is forcing thibs's hand to give him playing time!
  9. Yeah i drafted him and he was the only player that was out like that on my squad luckily, but im definitely going to need that production he had last year from behind the arc this season cause he was elite in the 3PM category
  10. Drop Candidates: (Pick 2 out of the 6) Lou Williams Cole Anthony Jarred Vanderbilt Jae Crowder Cameron Johnson Jeremy Lamb Who im activating for on IR: KAWHI LEONARD, DAVIS BERTANS.
  11. 6 4 2 in 6 mins wow. per minute monster. SMH.
  12. Boogie is just getting started fellas all he needed was to get comfortable, which he certainly looks so now with John Wall. obviously there is some uncertainty with wood going forward but if he's your end of the bench guy he can definitely win a week for you since you know he is capable of these performances. if they choose to start him with wood he'll be primed for a rejuvenated season on his contract year. it will certainly remind me of the AD & Boogie pairing back in NOLA with wood having a similar skill set. Me personally i cant trade cousins knowing he's capable of putting up those to
  13. Was recently dropped in my league, i'm definitely not a big fan of the guy irl but he was putting up solid numbers and one of the last few games he played, the coach opted to ride with him to close of the game instead of dillion brooks. i'm starting to wonder if thats a trend considering that dillion brooks has been putting up atrocious %'s from the field.
  14. I'm just surprised at the sudden dropoff from last year to this year. he went from 18ppg & 6asts to Half of that. The minutes are still a problem but i picked him up for a short term boost since i have kawhi out this week. Kennard should vault into the starting lineup which should lead to sweet lou coming off the bench as usual but now he'll be able to get way more usage with kennard & reggie jackson as the starters. I would really like for this to be the turning point of lou will's season, i'm not too optimistic about his long term value but i'm not buying that "fathertime" has c
  15. Looks like he wants to prove the critics wrong with the comparisons to LaMelo this game since their teams are squaring off
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