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  1. Just dropped Gary Harris for him. Let’s see.
  2. Why the f Roco still not getting the C tag on espn
  3. will bickerstaff continue to give nance 30mins with love, TT and Drummond all healthy? Coz that’s all nance needs to be a stud
  4. Despite his underwhelming performances, I’ve managed to hold him through the whole season. Just once in a while he gives you a tasty fantasy line... enough to leave you wanting to hang on.
  5. Off night for shooting but rest of the line is gold
  6. Might be a bit Too soon with just one game but I would love for this to happen.
  7. God damn. Glad i took a flier on him. but this shooting not sustainable obviously. Still he has a great ROS outlook.
  8. What you guys think?he coming off the bench is likely just a match up based decision or maybe trying to ease him in after his injury issues?
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