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  1. Looks like Darnold is good to go this week which obviously bodes well for Crowder. Even though he’s been bad lately we can’t forget how much of a stud he was with Darnold under center. How confident are you guys in starting him this week?
  2. Just came here to appreciate how much of a legend this man is. In a year filled with surprises Kelce has never failed to come in clutch. Fantasy MVP hands down for me.
  3. Just imagine WFT used Gibson as a 3 down back and he took all the checkdowns McKissic has been getting these past few weeks. We could be talking about CMac level production...
  4. This guy is a stud. Cam locks onto him every time he drops back, anyone who thinks Harry or any other WR is a threat to him clearly haven’t watched NE play these past couple weeks.
  5. Was an absolute beast today. Finished with a good stat line but anyone who watched the game knows that his stats don’t do that performance justice. Some of those catches brought back Megatron memories. What a player
  6. If Jameis was still in TB he’d average 500 yards, 5 TDs, 6 INTs a game with this team.
  7. Title says it all: I gave away: MT and Taylor I got: Julio and Chark Full PPR. Really hurt to give away my 1st rounder and Taylor with his massive ceiling but I'm already 0-1 and my team couldn't survive without MT for a prolonged period. What do you guys think?
  8. Just genuinely asking for advice, sorry.
  9. Sorry didn't realize there was a specific place for this kind of stuff. Thanks for the info.
  10. I just traded MT and JT for Julio and Chark in full PPR. What do you guys think about that?
  11. Thank god Brady doesn’t know how to throw a ball anymore.
  12. I'm definitely starting Brown if I am you, he offers the upside you need and the Texans secondary has been an absolute dumpster fire recently. It's a tough decision on your 2nd WR, but I think Parker's health is the deciding factor. If he is cleared to play and doesn't seem to be limited I would definitely play him because of his upside against a trash Giants team that just lost Janoris Jenkins. If Parker is out or limited then I'd probably go with Slayton or Gallup, it's a tough call between those two. I'd probably go with Slayton if you're looking for a potential blowup. The team you're play
  13. I would definitely pick Mixon. Obviously playing the Pats is not an ideal matchup but the Saints also have been solid against the run this year. I can definitely see the Colts going into catchup mode meaning more Hines work. Mixon has been solid of late as you said and I think he offers a better floor. Only downside for him I think would be the Bengals offence putting up an absolute dud. Good luck!
  14. Really torn between who to start this week. Both absolutely went off last week so I guess it’s a good problem to have. I’m leaning toward Jameis because of the matchup but I think Brees is the safer option. Only thing I’m worried about is the Saints getting out to a lead and playing super conservative. I think Brees has the better floor but Jameis has a massive ceiling and I would hate to miss out on the finals because I picked the wrong one. What do you guys think?
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