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  1. Happy I was on this train last year. Any player traded to the Rays is automatically added to everyone’s watch list. With his proximity you most likely can still grab him, but I will be very interested and watching his performance this year closely.
  2. His hands are lightening quick which also help make up for being fooled on both the fastball and off speed. In 2022 Randy will be drafted as a top 10 outfielder.
  3. Yordan won’t be leaving my utility spot for another 10 years. It’s painfully obvious this is an elite hitter and excited to see a full year of good health in 2021.
  4. This is one of my top targets for a breakout 2021. Being completely overlooked and has all the tools to be elite. Trying to acquire him in every one of my leagues - and it’s awesome because he’s so damn cheap.
  5. Did you look through the 2020 threads? Guess not because there isn’t one. Down the stretch he would have been an incredible pick up for fantasy playoffs. Extremely surprised there wasn’t any mention of his exceptional, yet sss, performance. [...] “The question is, can he maintain it over the long term” [...] that’s clearly a question I’d like to discuss. I’m not claiming he is the next Randy Johnson, just speculating a sleeper for 2021 that’s not being drafted and is being overlooked IMO. There are players every year who breakout and it’s a worthwhile exercise to take a look
  6. The man went through a lot this year with his father passing from cancer and him going on bereavement. He had a tough stretch of games when he got back understandably and that contributed to his inflated numbers. Yeah his HR rate was high and same can be said for Mahle over the last couple of years, so he needs work there you’re right, but I think a lot of that was him trying to overpower guys with his 96 mph fastball, which he openly admitted he was doing. Also ERA tells very little of the underlying story (as I’m sure you’re well aware) from a performance standpoint, while his other peripher
  7. Sounds like a boring strategy to me. I guess you play in shallow formats. Leagues can be won by finding guys cheap like Means in the late rounds or maybe in your case, picking up for free off the wire. I feel like Kyle Hendricks is owned in 100% of leagues 10 teams and up and has great stats and ratios as you pointed out.. if Means could do as well as him that would be fantastic. Sure, I’ll agree with you that people should be cautious letting the year 2020 define a player, but Means definitely passes the eye test for me and feel like he has another level in him. I could be wrong and that
  8. How come there’s nothing on this guy? This guy and Tyler Mahle are my two favorite SP sleepers for next year as of now and both have seen an uptick in velocity. Means closed out the year very strong and will be a guy I will try it have on most of my rosters. I think he is just tapping into his K potential and wouldn’t be surprised to see him have a strong spring and shoot up the draft boards. I’d like to hear from some our our experts on here their opinions but definitely a guy I’m targeting for 2021 toward the end of my drafts.
  9. I’ve been following Arozarena for a few years now and I always said if he could fill out a little more and start lifting his launch angle he would be something special. Well that looks to be the case.. His spontaneous cup of coffee with the Cardinals he performed spectacularly. His spring training with the Rays after he was traded was spectacular. His play this year has been spectacular. This post season has been spectacular and so far has been his coming out party, just like how I called Yordan’s last year... It’s clear as day to me what I’m seeing and have been for quite a while so
  10. Well 3-3 again tonight so far with a bomb. Are you just pulling numbers and player comps out of your a$$? Your statements are so vague Im hardly taking anything you say with a grain of salt. Is he a hall of famer... obviously not... I’m stating that he’s going to be very, very good next year. He hits the ball to all fields with power, very fast on the base-paths so will get at a minimum 20 steals a year, and is currently batting 3rd in a very good lineup...which means 5-category monster. His all fields approach and speed will help his average, there is no way he hits below .250. B
  11. Batting 3rd, first at bat in the ALDS, facing Cole, monster bomb crushed over centerfield wall... dude is going to be a 5-category monster. Reminds me of Ozuna a little.
  12. Called this breakout last year and hopped onboard. Just watch his at bats you can tell he is a phenomenal hitter. Always had the ability to hit for high avg and to all fields, just needed to lift the ball and looks like he’s finally figure it out. Ownership up to 95% in ESPN and is in the midst of a legit breakout season. Can’t believe no one is talking about him on here.
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