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  1. I’m asking because he was just dropped in one of my leagues and I just scooped him up for free....I have 0 shares of him in any of my other leagues so haven’t been following. I know we have a ton of Mets guys here so wondering what’s been going on with him this year because the stats are atrocious so far - I know it’s early no need to remind me of that. He had a great 2020 so no reason to suspect he just forgot how to play baseball all of a sudden haha
  2. Agree. I’m holding where I can. 10 team redraft leagues I’d consider cutting him if I needed depth elsewhere. Between him and Senzel, both great players, they can be frustrating owning that’s for sure with all the random injuries and sicknesses.
  3. Cannot believe Kevin Cash actually took out A-Roz for Margot at the end of that Yanks game. Had a 1 run lead and he takes out their best hitter for a defensive replacement, which is unnecessary because he’s actually damn good out there. TB could have really used his bat in those extra innings.
  4. Tough stretch of games. On a worry scale of 1-10, Im at a 1. Hes going to take some time to break off the rust and gain that confidence in trusting his body again. Hitting in a great spot in lineup and taking great swings. He’s getting beat with the high fastball and upper 90’s velo. He’ll figure it shortly.
  5. Looked filthy today. I own many shares of this kid and was starting to get skeptical due to his time off and mental health issues that I heard about, but after seeing his last 3 outings, color me excited.
  6. Na I doubt it. Ryan Weathers will most likely get the nod.
  7. Happy I was on this train last year. Any player traded to the Rays is automatically added to everyone’s watch list. With his proximity you most likely can still grab him, but I will be very interested and watching his performance this year closely.
  8. His hands are lightening quick which also help make up for being fooled on both the fastball and off speed. In 2022 Randy will be drafted as a top 10 outfielder.
  9. Yordan won’t be leaving my utility spot for another 10 years. It’s painfully obvious this is an elite hitter and excited to see a full year of good health in 2021.
  10. This is one of my top targets for a breakout 2021. Being completely overlooked and has all the tools to be elite. Trying to acquire him in every one of my leagues - and it’s awesome because he’s so damn cheap.
  11. Did you look through the 2020 threads? Guess not because there isn’t one. Down the stretch he would have been an incredible pick up for fantasy playoffs. Extremely surprised there wasn’t any mention of his exceptional, yet sss, performance. [...] “The question is, can he maintain it over the long term” [...] that’s clearly a question I’d like to discuss. I’m not claiming he is the next Randy Johnson, just speculating a sleeper for 2021 that’s not being drafted and is being overlooked IMO. There are players every year who breakout and it’s a worthwhile exercise to take a look
  12. The man went through a lot this year with his father passing from cancer and him going on bereavement. He had a tough stretch of games when he got back understandably and that contributed to his inflated numbers. Yeah his HR rate was high and same can be said for Mahle over the last couple of years, so he needs work there you’re right, but I think a lot of that was him trying to overpower guys with his 96 mph fastball, which he openly admitted he was doing. Also ERA tells very little of the underlying story (as I’m sure you’re well aware) from a performance standpoint, while his other peripher
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