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  1. It all depends on league size but for me I’m holding as long as I can - surely the cold streak can’t last much longer. Maybe the Kelenic show will snap him out of it.
  2. Who’s following Patino for the Rays today? Yarbrough or Fleming?
  3. Never said “i know” he will make the adjustments, but I do “think” he will judging by a number of factors, mainly his competitiveness. He plays hard, works hard, is passionate, and extremely athletic - I think the odds are in his favor to figure it out. It’s still so extremely early in the season and there are too many top players to count that are struggling that typically are knocking the cover off the ball. I still believe once he gets hot he’s going to take off and not look back. I’d be trying to buy low if I already didn’t own him on almost all my teams.
  4. Home plate umpire is trash in Yankees / Stros game
  5. Saw every pitch too - dominance from beginning to end. Faced the minimum batters.... seems impossible you can lose a perfect game on a strikeout.. but thats the rules I guess. Heard his post-game and he was almost speechless and spoke highly of his dad being with him; you could tell it meant so much to him. Great performance. Now, let's hope he doesn't start pitching like Musgrove after his no hitter.
  6. Wow what a game by Means. Straight dominance. 26 of 27 first pitch strikes. Only blemish was a STRIKEOUT WILD PITCH... amazing.
  7. Weird how he keeps spraining the same wrist over and over..... Seems like the Twins feel the same why, hence the multiple specialists involved... very interesting.
  8. Means through 5 0H, 0BB, 0HBP, 6K's, 15 for 15 first pitch strikes. Animal.
  9. Winker is a stud. Game winning hit into CF.
  10. Tejay Antone with the dominant 8th. 2K's and a weakly hit GB. Kopech in for the Sox. 2 of the most exciting RP arms in the MLB that should be starters. Need a Winker bomb to get Tejay the win.
  11. Pain in the anatomic snuffbox and a scaphoid fracture makes some sense as well... that would not be good either as that typically requires surgery due to the lack of blood supply to that bone and the risk of necrosis. Imaging tests sometime don’t pick up scaphoid fractures the first go around and if minor, could actually not realize it’s broken until aggravating it (a la sliding into second base or swinging a bat aggressively). This is pure speculation but hoping for the best for the young man.
  12. Na I think he safe to cut for a redraft league. By all means keep him on your IL if you have the space, but if you need a spot I wouldn’t hesitate to drop him. A completely torn hip flexor so there’s no telling how long he will be, plus with how this year is shaking out with the injuries and covid I would anticipate you’ll be needing the space
  13. Let this kid take as long as it takes. Don’t need him rushing back and re-injuring himself or playing gingerly. Excited to get this kid back as I think he’s going to be a top 3b for years to come.
  14. Since September 8th 2020: Pitcher A: 49 innings, 1.84 ERA, 0.796 WHIP, 15.4 K/9 Pitcher B: 53 2/3 innings, 1.51 ERA, 0.783 WHIP, 9.9 K/9 Pitcher A is Degrom, B is yours truly. Yet another dominant outing last night. Guy has been superb so far and is pitching like a legit ace. Saw this breakout coming last year, hope others hopped onboard. He’s still having a little trouble with the longball but that’s improved as well. Season is still young, but impressive stuff so far.
  15. Those two homeruns were absolutely blasted. With a performance like that he is forcing his way into the lineup on a daily basis. Only a matter of time. The last opportunity may be now to add if he’s available.
  16. Goodness gracious this man has been lights out. ELITE Ratios. Has only given up 2 hits, 1 BB, & 0 ER's this year. 4 separate occasions where he has 1.0 IP with 3K's, 0BB, 0H. Has a WHIP of 0.414. Impressive stuff. Unfortunate that Clase has been almost just as good and has ran with his opportunity but this kids future is bright. Date SV HLD IP H R ER HR BB K ERA 4/27/2021 1 0 1.1 0
  17. I like him and have him rostered on almost all my teams. This is his first time getting consistent playing time and he’s still young. I truly believe he will keep getting better and a true breakout is in the future (maybe this summer but most likely a year or two from now) for this guy. The strikeouts are a little concerning but he’s got all the pieces to be an elite hitter.
  18. I’m not really that worried. I’ve watched a ton of his at bats this year and he doesn’t look lost at the plate and not swinging at bad pitches or anything, he is simply just missing the ball. He’s getting beat with velocity and pitches up in the zone for the most part and you can see the frustration in his face after he swings right through a high fastball. He takes hellacious hacks so maybe he needs to tone those down a little bit to get to the ball a little quicker. Whatever the case, I think he will make the necessary adjustments and will be fine.
  19. I’m asking because he was just dropped in one of my leagues and I just scooped him up for free....I have 0 shares of him in any of my other leagues so haven’t been following. I know we have a ton of Mets guys here so wondering what’s been going on with him this year because the stats are atrocious so far - I know it’s early no need to remind me of that. He had a great 2020 so no reason to suspect he just forgot how to play baseball all of a sudden haha
  20. Agree. I’m holding where I can. 10 team redraft leagues I’d consider cutting him if I needed depth elsewhere. Between him and Senzel, both great players, they can be frustrating owning that’s for sure with all the random injuries and sicknesses.
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