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  1. In terms of upside probably Bagley has the higher one but you can be waiting the whole seasong for him to wake up. I´d drop Bagley. He is playing **** and Walton doesn´t trust him. Actually I just dropped him on my 14th team league.
  2. Clearly Rose. He is prone injury and likely to be traded. I´d be more keen to keep Batum and RW than these two. Batum is in a nice role in LAC and playing amazing and RW upside is as high as any of the two mentioned.
  3. I was also considering adding him in my 9 cat league, 12 teams, over guys like Dedmon or Trey Lyles but not sure about it. I have LMA and tried keeping Lyles as a back up, so far so good, but I'm not sure if after such injury and how Hassan is playing worth the gamble (we dont have playoffs so it's a different risk). How do you see it, guys? Apologies if this question belongs more to AC forum
  4. I also had the "cant cut list" with KAT and asked my fellows to remove it so I could drop it and take someone from the wire, and they agreed with no problem. Ask the comissioner to do so, it takes 10 secs.
  5. I did a really bad draft and had many injuries so I was forced to change my roster a lot through trades and wire. Draft: KAT, M.Turner, D. Mitchell, Lowry, CJ Mccollum, Larry Nance Jr, J. Teague, Bojan Bogdanovic, D. Powell, Z. Collins, PJ Tucker, Osman, Bazemore. Trades: D Mitchell x Lamarcus; CJ Mccollum + PJ Tucker x Jrue Holiday, Eric Paschall + Teague x Kelly Oubre; M. Turner x M. Smart; Favors + Bogdanovic x Mitch Robinson + Khris Middleton. Current roster: G: Lonzo Ball, M. Smart, Lowry, Jrue Holiday, M. Beasley. F: K. Middleton, Jerami Grant, Jae
  6. Give all the pain in my heart I had to let Oubre go and picked Holmes up as it's looking to return shortly.
  7. Definitely. Grant is looking to get heavy minutes moreover now Millsap seems to be hurt and he can do his damage with minutes (perfect for punting assists). Even if Grant is not your best option there has to be better ones than Pat Bev at this time of thr season on the wire.
  8. I'm inclining to use him. LAC is a great defense but not top per G and minutes should be there for Smith. Maybe he strugles on FG% but there is a good chance he provides other stats.
  9. AC forum, but yes, I'd take that in a hearbeat. You are getting by far the best player in the deal (KAT).
  10. He did last year per total and this year is in a better situation wit two primary ball handlers like Harden and WB so he´ll have all the open shots he´d want. Probably FG% will come off but steals will rise so he could provide value around top 50/70 per game.
  11. It sounds fair to me with Isaac on ot and you'd be getting the best player of the trade. So it's up to your needs.
  12. If you need assist def BB seems to be the best option. If not the hottest pick up seems to be Hart.
  13. If I'd have PG I wouldn't take that offer. Roco is really injury prone and so Lavine. PG it's a proven top10 player.
  14. I'd hold with Delon. It's providing nice value on his 25 min role while Sato it's stuck in Boylen's horrible rotation and offense.
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