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  1. This man's career is done. Over. Fin. It's not unusual for him to be inconsistent, but this year is the first year he's been consistently trash. He's averaging the lowest FG% of his 12-year career and he's already 32 y/o. Numbers don't lie. Not only does he not fit well in the Jazz's system, but he also misses open looks that he usually makes. Fantasy owners at this point are better off dropping him for a streaming spot.
  2. got ejected for intentionally kneeing someone in the nuts...
  3. His usage rate is horrible and literally one of the worst in the NBA. (9.5%) Why do you guys still have him?
  4. It's so hard to decide who to drop between Robinson, Herro and Dragic....everyone on that roster is good
  5. I have to decide between dropping Herro or Dragic...decisions, decisions....
  6. This guy is making it very hard to drop him...
  7. So is anyone here actually keeping him on their roster? If so, why?
  8. We're watching the game live too. If you are watching this game right now and encouraged by what you're seeing from Melo, your standards are probably just lower than the rest of ours.
  9. You talking about the guy with 4 fouls in just 18 min of play? Are you joking or are you serious? Nas came into this game shooting 32.4% from the field and has gotten almost fouled out of all of his past 3 games
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