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  1. Yeah, they are totally asleep at the wheel. Teams can just flout the anti-tanking rules with impunity. Regular season is a joke at this point, might as well just halve it and double the postseason with best-of-14 series to keep the fans engaged.
  2. This blatant tanking ought to be punished by the league. And I’m a Raps fan.
  3. Perhaps, but I’m also guessing you didn’t watch him much when he was playing earlier in the season? He was very passive and most positions resulted in him just standing on the perimeter waiting for a catch-and-shoot from Lebron. I’m also far from certain his FT% rebounds. We’ve seen too many instances of a serious and consistent drop-off (especially amongst bigs) for that to be assured. Giannis, Nurk and Westbrook all had drop-offs that never rebounded.
  4. I wouldn’t say a guy who was drafted in the first round but produced top-50 value isn’t a bust. AD, for instance, had an ADP in the top 5 and he never came close to that per game when he was healthy. I consider him an enormous bust even if he was top 50.
  5. Apparently he was reaching for a ball, suddenly grabbed his back, and then took himself to the locker room.
  6. Dude looks like a star. I was concerned about the Powell trade but GTJ looks almost as good as Norm right now and he still has a lot of room to improve (hopefully).
  7. He hasn’t even practiced yet - how close can he possibly be to a return? He’s languishing on my IR right now and I’ve secured a playoff spot, but if I were fighting for a spot right now I’d have to think long and hard about cutting bait with this bum.
  8. He is still very young and inexperienced on an NBA court. He makes mistakes and TT is a vet who, even though he is not close to the athletic talent Rob Will is anymore, still is a more poised player and makes fewer mistakes. I expect around 26mpg rest of season
  9. @BossRoss Thanks for posting that. Personally I don’t believe Flynn will be that good of a play for the rest of this season. While Nurse certainly is comfortable playing him next to Lowry and FVV, that doesn’t mean Flynn is as productive in those minutes. In fact, Flynn has been pretty much a nonentity next to those guys as he primarily plays the offball guard in those lineups, and he’s not very good at it. Next to Lowry it makes sense, as Lowry is more of a true 1. I wish Flynn would play the 1 next to Fred (who is more of a true 2 anyways) but Fred’s ego is too big for that and he’ll wa
  10. I disagree that the asking price was too high. Obviously when he was asking for multiple first round picks, I expect that was so he could negotiate down. But asking for a good young prospect like Herro, Maxey or THT is not asking too much for your franchise’s greatest player and a guy who indisputably helps a contender significantly. Pretending that KCP and Harrell or Duncan Robinson or Danny Green and Tony Bradley were reasonable offers is laughable.
  11. They were being given terrible offers for him, apparently. Not sure what Philly was offering but if Maxey and Thybulle were in the deal, Masai should have taken that. Heat were offering Duncan Robinson, Achiuwa + filler. D Rob is worthless to us because he’s a RFA, so that’s an insulting offer. Lakers offer was even worse with Harrell and KCP, neither of whom we want on our team and both of which eat up our cap space for next year. If Masai had faltered and given into a lowball offer at the last second then GMs would know going forward that they could jerk him around with terrib
  12. Tony Bradley is a better player at this moment. Also, Thunder are truly embarrassing with Moses out there. He has the capacity to put up sweet fantasy lines but he's really bad IRL and the Thunder were getting blown out by ridiculous amounts when he was getting that many minutes.
  13. Seriously wtf happened to this dude’s FG%. He made 5 from deep but idgaf about 3’s. Stop chucking.
  14. Anybody watch the game? What happened tonight?
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