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  1. WCJ the foreman. Laying bricks and gettin' boards.
  2. That's ridiculous. Bud is like the anti-Thibs when it comes to minutes and substitutions.
  3. Am I correct in believing that you mean Bud is only playing him in 4-5 minute stints?
  4. He had two great games so I can stomach two awful games. He better give me something tonight, though...
  5. I don't own Jrue and I can't fault limiting the minutes of a guy who is recovering from a nasty respiratory illness, but damn does Bud have an aversion to playing his main guys big minutes or what? I figured Jrue might be limited to like ~26 tonight, but 18?
  6. Simmons getting into the ASG over Steaderick Frederick is an absolute travesty. I know the game is a popularity contest but only pure plebs think Simmons is better than Fred or remotely as valuable. Mr Bad Shot Selection himself, Jayson 'the brick' Tatum getting in over Sabonis was also criminal, especially considering how bad the Celtics have been playing for the last month.
  7. I agree except when it comes to injury-prone players. I think it's a good idea to sell high on a dude who is playing great but has a history of durability issues.
  8. Never drafting this goon again. Injury concerns are to be expected with Mr. Glass, but he clearly doesn’t give a **** about the regular season after getting paid and winning a chip, just does not have that drive or respect for the fans to play hard anymore when he can just coast instead. Can’t imagine he ever tries to dominate a regular season again.
  9. My dude is going to get slighted for the ASG but he better make the damn all-defense team.
  10. This dude really had a solid line with 5/10 shooting, then decided to come back in at the end of the game and brick 3 more shots just to tank his FG%. Oof.
  11. I have to hand it to him, he was instrumental in the win tonight. I’m ready to admit I was wrong about Boucher. He has really developed a lot this year. PS guys I seriously doubt Drummond is headed to the Raptors. Ujiri isn’t stupid, what he’d have to give up to get Drummond is greater in value than Drummond himself.
  12. So he’s not actually worth $30 million/year, and the fact that he has that contract has nothing to do with his actual value and everything to do with unattractive franchises like Detroit having to overpay to keep their drafted talent. No team that could expect to meaningfully improve in free agency would ever have given Drummond that contract.
  13. Streamed this guy but thought he was a meme so I dropped him and he’s been picked up again already. Congrats to those holding him, he’s a gem.
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