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  1. 12T 9Cat (playoffs go on until the end of season) Would have to drop either Nurkic or Noel.
  2. 12Team 9Cat Need to drop one: Keldon, Poole, Stewart
  3. Should I drop Keldon or Stewart??
  4. 12T 9Cat I would either drop Keldon or Stewart.
  5. 12Team 9Cat Own Wood and Nurkic as well with only 1 IR spot. Currently have 3rd best record. Playoffs start from 4/26.
  6. 12Team 9Cat (Punt Assists) Who should I go with?
  7. 12Team 9Cat (Punt Assists) I'd be giving up cp3 and lopez.
  8. Just got offered Hayward, Ayton, and Holmes for my Wood and CP3. Should I accept?? If so who would be the drop to create the roster spot? 12Team 9Cat Steph, DBook, CP3, Sexton, DWhite, Maledon, MikalB, Bey, MPJ, Keldon, BLopez, Nurkic, Wood, JJJ (IR)
  9. Better stream tonight?? 12Team 9Cat
  10. H2H 12Team 9Cat Who's got the worst ROS value out of em??
  11. How would you rank these three in terms of value going forward??
  12. H2H 12Team 9Cat Still sitting at top 3 in standings. Have had both of em for over 2 weeks now. Ok to continue rostering both or should I be dropping one of em?
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