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  1. Can you send me info ntenseracingstable@yahoo.com thabks jimmy
  2. I have a group me with our dealership is this one gonna be different
  3. Okay I payed it when do we draft and when do we find out what pick we get.?
  4. maybe it’s because I’m on my phone I can really see much I don’t see coin on phone but have seen it on computer. I can’t get to computer right know. Can I do it from phone.?
  5. This is my first time joining a league on here we’re do I find it.? I have been playing dynasty for about 6 years just not this site can you walk me through I can’t find it. My email is ntenseracingstable@yahoo.com thanks for inviting me I’m excited. sorry for inconvenience
  6. Ntenseracingstable@yahoo.com send it to this one thanks jimmy
  7. I’m interested in new start up and orphan team both
  8. I’m interested can you send me list of players on teams that are available.?
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