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  1. All they need to do on the OL is resign RT Daryl Williams. That's it. 1 move. RG Feliciano is a turnstile who cannot pass-block. They have Cody Ford coming back from injury who I suspect they will put at RG and let Feliciano walk.
  2. 1 injury to Diggs and the WR corps is screwed. Gabe Davis and Beasley are complementary WRs who benefit from a #1 like Diggs. Take away Diggs, and the Bills WR corps is Bottom 5 in the NFL. Davis can't get open and Beasley is just a slot receiver. The Bills WR group is the most overrated in the NFL. Just because Josh Allen elevates all those guys and makes them better, doesn't mean they're all that great in a vacuum. It's 1 great WR (Diggs) plus role players. Look at the 3 names u just listed. Now compare that to the Dallas Cowboys 3-WR set. Amari Cooper, Ceedee Lamb, Micha
  3. Best offseason targets for Josh to ensure he repeats as Overall QB1: - WR Will Fuller (Plan A) - WR Curtis Samuel (Plan B ) Or - TE Hunter Henry Draft - RB Travis Etienne #30 overall, an Alvin Kamara style RB
  4. Quoting "passing TDs" is a selective way of looking at stats. It devalues, well, ignores, Josh Allen's 8 rushing TDs in 2020. 1 rushing TD counts as the same # of points on the scoreboard as 1 passing TD. The one who is failing here, is yourself, for blatantly trying to sell Allen short on his Touchdown output. Allen wasn't drafted to a 12-4 team. The Chiefs went 12-4 in 2016, then traded up in the 2017 draft for Mahomes. Mahomes was born (into the NFL) with a silver spoon in his mouth, essentially. In 2017 when Mahomes sat the entire rookie season, he watched as Alex Smith put up a 105 P
  5. A healthy and available Will Fuller is without a doubt an elite WR1. PFF's #4 overall graded WR in 2020. Overall WR8 in Fantasy Football after 11 games. His raw stats don't even do him justice - he creates a Butterfly Effect by being on the field. He's one of those "Better than his stats show" kind of players. Comments like yours prove my point that he is the most underrated WR in all of football.
  6. Buddy, your math needs work. Fuller played in 11 games in 2020. They went 4-7 in the games with Fuller and 0-5 in the games without Fuller. I have no idea where you got 4-11 from. Tell us please.
  7. He's really not, though. Did you watch the Super Bowl? Allen is the more talented player, the more physically gifted player, with a worse supporting cast across the board, and hasn't reached his ceiling. Mahomes already hit his ceiling - Allen is still growing exponentially. Allen has never played with a halfway competent Tight End; Mahomes has the #1 Tight End in the game. Allen received more MVP votes (4) than Mahomes (2) this past season and was the flat out better player this past season. Once again, the story has yet to be written. 25 year old Mahomes and 24 year old Allen
  8. Will Fuller is GONE. Texans record in 2020 after Fuller's suspension: 0 and 5. Texans win 4 games max in 2021 if Fuller leaves in FA.
  9. Nobody talks about the fact that the Texans went winless 0-5 in the 5 games they played without Fuller to end the season. Will Fuller was the true MVP of the Houston Texans. Not being able to even win 1 game without him in 5 tries, tells you everything about what a true difference maker he is. Still the most underrated WR in football. A bonafide elite #1 WR when healthy who is uncoverable and runs the entire route tree. A force multiplier. A "Butterfly Effect" player. Impact goes beyond his own personal raw stats. His presence on the field is a force multiplier for his QB and the ent
  10. No he is not. Mahomes is 25 and Allen is 24. They've got the next 15 years to decide "Best QB of his Era". The story has yet to be written. Why are you crowning a 25 year old so early? What if 24 year old, upwards trending, Josh Allen wins more SBs than Mahomes when it's all said and done? Then in that case, Allen is the Best QB of his era. Josh will go up from 46 total TDs in 2020 to about 55 total TDs in 2021. Josh will statistically improve in 2021 after the Bills upgrade TE, receiving RB, and John Brown after cutting him. He will not statistically regress. He will probably win League
  11. Where do you draft him? If you drafted both Diggs + Allen in 2020, you won your fantasy league. Look at their Week 14-16 Fantasy playoffs especially the championship Week 16. 2021: Stack Diggs Round 1 + Allen Round 3?
  12. Couple notes: 1) Allen in 3 seasons has gotten 4 more MVP votes than R Wilson in 9 seasons. 2) Last night was a very positive development for Allen and the Bills. Do not crown Mahomes just yet as the Best QB of His Era. Instead of being down 2 rings, Allen is only down 1 ring. Josh Allen still has the next 15 years to overtake and surpass Mahomes. Given his exponential trajectory thus far, it's definitely possible. Last night kept them close. The story isn't over yet. After Brady retires, it's Mahomes vs Allen for 15 years. Long ways to go to decide who the better QB is long term. Al
  13. It's more about the quality of the players they are replacing. The guys they need to find upgrades for, are not good. Singletary is not good. Knox is not good. It's a lot easier to upgrade from bad players. The Bills have very easily upgradeable situations around Josh particularly at RB and TE.
  14. 3 ways the Bills can very very easily improve the cast around Allen for 2021 to make sure Allen repeats as Overall QB1 1) Find a better Speed WR to upgrade from 31 year old gimpy 2020 version of John Brown. Should be easy to do. 2) Find a more explosive RB who can impact the passing game better than Devin Singletary. Should be easy to do. 3) Find a better TE than Dawson Knox. Should be easy to do. Finding upgrades at WR, RB, and TE from a gimpy John Brown, Devin Singletary, and Dawson Knox sounds like an extremely easy and feasable task. Replacement level play
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