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  1. You picked for the wrong team. Look at the draft list.
  2. Bills are drafting RB Javonte Williams #61 overall. BPA, fills a need, probably jumps to #1 on the RB depth chart right away. Doesn't need the best run-blocking, runs extremely hard, breaks tackles and gets yards after contact, makes the most of each run.
  3. Washington is drafting QB Kellen Mond #51 overall. QB6 (Mond) is taken 36 picks after QB5 (MJones)
  4. The Bills are selecting WR Elijah Moore, Ole Miss. BPA, tremendous scheme fit, extremely high floor with a high ceiling, Sanders is 34 on 1 year deal and Beasley is 32 (good to be 1 year ahead of the curve), WR-centric Offense. Elite #2 next to Diggs for 2022 and beyond. 4-WR sets in 2021. NFL comp is Emmanuel Sanders. Josh gets another weapon, a smooth route-running separator.
  5. Great! I hope everyone thinks like this. Pushes down a steal down the board for me.
  6. I think it is. The huge leap is coming. It's called making a reasonable and logical projection.
  7. No, u heard me. 11-6 You'll see when the games start
  8. Allen was the Overall Fantasy QB1 Nobody is saying Daniel Jones will be the Overall QB1 As a late-round QB, he doesn't have to be. He just has provide great value relative to ADP, and that he will do. 2021 Daniel Jones will be way better than 2020 Baker Mayfield fantasy-wise. Jones has the Rushing upside.
  9. What does that have to do with Kenny Golladay's fantasy value? Golladay's strength is on deep balls. Daniel Jones throws an excellent deep ball.
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