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  1. Hi guys, New member here. Just want to say that the content here has been amazing. It's my second year playing fantasy basketball and due to the lack of experience, I hope to improve my game by sparking a discussion here. This is my current team : (G)Steph (not too impressed with his performance.& now with injury...), Brogdon, Jeremy lamb, Thybulle, Conley (F)Middleton ,Tobias Harris,gallinari, J.Issac (C)Vuc, Holmes, Allen, Turner Here's more context : this is my standing at the moment - 8th place with 38 points (Bold) :
  2. Not sure about you guys, but I find Knicks players one of the hardest to own. Had a roller coaster ride with Trier and DSJ last year and it wasnt great
  3. Man, I have him in 10 team 8 Cat roto and honestly I dont know what to do with him. It doesnt help if he has been performing like a 3rd rounder as well...
  4. Sick assist as well. Cant believe he has been giving me 10+ dimes
  5. Dropped him for Thybulle as well..but Im abit concerned with his minutes tho
  6. I dropped Washington for Conley and PJ washington fo Holmes...not sure if I made the right choice..
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