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  1. Wow what a line so far, and the 4th just started. If only Jrue was out all the time 😭
  2. When will he get "big" stats though, the rebounds have been really low with Zeller back unfortunately
  3. Shot has not been looking pretty recently, peripherals have been up at least
  4. Definitely getting really tough to hold onto him... Has anyone watched the games to see if his foot is bothering him still, or if he's just losing touches and PT + losing center minutes
  5. Thoughts on his recent play? Decent steals and 3s guy, especially if he can pick up his efficiency a bit
  6. Definitely looks pretty good with JV and ja in today. Really nice all round guy near the end of your bench, especially if his steals go back to where they were in SA
  7. Yikes, anyone watch the game and know what's up?
  8. Do we think he's a must roster when everyone is back still? Or more of a streamer
  9. Anyone who watch the game know why the low minutes tonight?
  10. Does he lose a lot of value when Zeller eventually gets back?
  11. He's looking pretty alright these past few games, and without much depth at pf, could be looking some decent value. What does everyone think?
  12. Is it worth to drop Otto porter for either this guy or Keldon Johnson
  13. Good chance it could also be because of the huge blowout. Get some rest sharpshooter 👌
  14. Third nice game in a row, how sure is everyone that Kat is coming back soon
  15. He's been playing solid for a bit now, how does his value hold when Steph gets back?
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