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  1. I like Gasol over Powell ROS. Powell just might be on a hot streak rn, but Sato isnt viable either. So its honestly a coin toss between those two.
  2. Points league but only 1 point for blocks, rebounds, steals each. 2 points FG/dunk and 3 points for perimeter shot Brook Lopez, Mike Conley, and Kevin Huerter Which two will be better to own rest of the season?
  3. Draymond isnt bad just inconsistent and Kawhi gets hit with load management. Could be nice. Although I expect Covington to go up on Bucks, but he is probably gonna play off bench.
  4. Perriman is the best. But you're prob not gonna start any of those guys with Carson Zeke Adams Julio and Lockett in your lineup
  5. Drop Millsap Turner or BroLo for Kendrick Nunn or hold? Points league 1 point reb stl and blocks each
  6. H2H points weekly fantasy league should i start aldrige or millsap this week aldrige is better obv but only 2 games millsap uncertain but 4 games im also behind a bit
  7. Start Turner or Milsap this week? Also drop either for RJ, Wagner, Zeller, Alex Len, or Joe Harris in points league?
  8. Yes thats a good trade. Buy Conley superlow. Help me with mine?
  9. Talking about Dejounte Murray? I like him better than Dunn and Hart. Help me with mine
  10. Fultz more consistent. Also I think you can get more for Fultz rn, like an 6th or 7th rounder Help me with mine?
  11. OPJ is a joke no guarentee he will ball out after injury. Fultz is a starter. I like the idea of trading Fultz high rn tho. Help me with mine?
  12. 9-cat: Bertans Points: Reddick ROS: Reddick Help me with mine?
  13. Take Siakim. Siakim is more closer worth the $40. Help me with mine?
  14. Drop one Isaac, Milsap, Tuner, or BroLo for one of Powell, RJ Barrett, Wagner, Joe Harris, Zeller, Herro? This is H2H points. 1 pt for reb, stl, blks, 2 pt for field goals, 3 pts for perimeter shots, -1 missed shots.
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