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  1. Can any Hornets fan give some advice why his rebounding is fairly low compared to how many minutes he gets?
  2. Def not voting for Kawi for All star.. load management = no all star vote
  3. Isn’t it odd that he rested against Jazz and Bucks? Both are strong teams and both were nationalized TV games no? Maybe Kawi was scared to go against Greek freak ^^. But def strange that he’s resting against good teams. I don’t think it’s overall games.. If nba changed their overall games to 60 games instead of 82, Kawi will most likely rest back to backs more often than not. it’s giving rest between games thus resting back to backs.
  4. Has there been a time where the league reduced suspension time on a similar case as our boy Andre?
  5. Playing just 26 minutes (mainly due to fouls right?), he's averaging 14.8 points, 1 three, 6.5 rbos, 0.8 steals and 1.3 blocks. He's only shooting 42.6% right now but shot over 50% last year so by end of season it is reasonable to believe that his FG should be around 50%. But even without projecting higher FG% and just based on current season's small sample, based on 32 minutes a game, he could be averaging 18.2 points, 1.2 3/m, 8 rbs, 1 steal, 1.6 blocks. Those numbers look someone like Shawn Marion potential type of a player if you know what I mean
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