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  1. So he is healthy now though right? I'm starting him over Jakobi Meyers. Don't have any other WRs. I'm hoping last week was a fluke, who knows though this team is tough to figure out, I think he is their best weapon on O but they seem to disagree
  2. There's exceptions to every rule. Scary Terry is like Scott Steiner, he's a genetic freak and he's not normal. He's still not living up to his full potential on this kind of turf though. I worry about him too. This is a continuing problem with the skins. Hopefully Gibson returns soon but that looked like severe pain. At the least we know now that he's a decent human being and an above average NFL RB, those are facts, I like him.
  3. Yeah like somebody else said, it's cumulative though. Pit doesn't have the best field either, not great for this type of player. This is an historic trend for the Skins team since been. They only win through slower monsters, which I am fine with, that's my favorite kind of football. Speedy guys rarely ever excel in WAS (except for Darrell Green). He needs to go to NO or ATL or IND to see his full potential
  4. No he's not getting cut. I'm not sure we are talking about the same play, but my point is Benny Snell is not good and Mcfarland should be playing over him. Mcfarland is really disapointing me. I expected something more like Kamara, but he looks more like a Chris Thompson
  5. No that was a bad drop, the ball touched both his hands multiple times, if he can't play over Benny Snell, it is over.
  6. The Redskins have the worst turf in the NFL. Ruined RG3's career pretty quickly.
  7. Wow... I've never seen a more obvious example of a single play ending an NFL player's career. That big drop was terrible though. Again, I'm a Terps fan, I'm rooting for this kid, but as a gambler, it's just not going to work out for him.
  8. There is a piece of this puzzle I am missing. On paper he seems like their best WR to me. He seems like an elite top 10 WR you build around. Not that the other two are slouches, they are also very good, but I just think Claypool is better. What am I missing here?
  9. Number one super fan! Hail! Terry is going to crush it in the fantasy playoffs. Especially if Gibson is out I think, Sims and Thomas played great today but they aren't on Terry's level.
  10. Just a huge fan. He sucks but he's good, no QB in NFL history has ever embodied that phrase more than Alex Smith. Mark Rypien might be a close second. He's gonna get the ball to by far our best player, Terry. Just couldn't happen this week
  11. PIT's game plan was just silly. They stopped our best WR and benched their own best WR Claypool for most of the game. I watched this game very closely. Terry is fine, this was a fluke. Watch Riverboat Ron's post game speech lifting up Sims as a legit no 2 for Terry, it's beautiful
  12. Safety and/or LB had eyes on Terry the whole game, Alex Smith isn't great athletically, but he's no dummy. He saw it. Terry is still by far the best player on this team's O. Pit dared us, Sims and Thomas stepped up well enough. Terry is still twice as good as either of them
  13. Yeah Pit needed to lose a game. They almost lost to the Ravens B team and were bragging about it on twitter before that game. Sims had some great catches and a couple bad drops. Terry is still the man, this was a one week anomaly but I'm happy for Sims, seeing him get the game ball for beating an 11-0 team was a great moment. This will help Terry in the long run, I made my playoffs so I'm just happy for the epic win by the skins
  14. It's what happened. Ron gave Sims the game ball in his post game speech. Hopefully that raises Sims confidence and he can take some of the pressure away from Terry. He seemed really touched by it, beautiful moment
  15. Pit went all in on stopping Terry. Ruined their season. Hopefully other teams don't try the same thing now
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