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  1. It's one game... People so quick to tell someone I told you so.
  2. Settle down, it's fantasy, and he is looking really good.
  3. Theres a key factor you are not accounting for, the cca. 27 mio. salary difference between Whiteside and Drummond/Love. Most teams would also still rather have Whiteside over Mcgee who cant play more than 15-20 mins. Maker... just no.
  4. I just hope he gets those 10 MPG so I can hold him till the trade deadline.
  5. I'm punting FG%s and reluctantly picked him up, every year he shows flashes and nothing ever comes of it. Hope he proves me wrong.
  6. Robinson isn't really doing much with his newfound minutes so I wouldn't be suprised if NN gets a few more minutes per game as the season goes on.
  7. Picked him off the WW, heres to hoping his mins get in the twenties
  8. Haven't seen a thread on him yet for this year, despite his popularity last year. Seemingly Doc wants to play him more in the future and the sixers just picked up his option. I would expect his playing time would reach the twenties by mid-season.
  9. Took a flier and traded Bol Bol for him, really like the across the board stats
  10. That rest day did wonders for his fantasy production.
  11. I'm holding short term and hoping for a trade at the deadline, always thought a 1 for 1 for Drummond would make sense for Dallas and Detroit. But thats unlikely given they just got WCS.
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