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  1. Tua officially has been ruled out and could miss multiple weeks.... Its Fitzmagic time again!
  2. With Lamar Jackson having the vid, thinking bout picking this guy up for a stream. I don't see him having season long value, but if Sam Darnold and Cam Newton can put up 20 fp against Denver I'm feeling pretty confident Hill can do the same. Also the rushing yard potential seems worth chasing since Sam Darnold and Cam both almost ran for 100 yards. Count me in!
  3. I went with the smart choice and put in KJ over AP. now AP is 6 rush attempts.. 8 yards... 2 TD... FML
  4. Well it is Thanksgiving... and these running backs are just giving up the ball
  5. AP is a great guy, but why couldn't he do that last week! I miss Swift
  6. Won't need any gravy on my dry turkey this Thanksgiving... my tears should do. Obviously bummed about Swift since its must win time and he's missing 2 smash spots. Hope he's 100% next week [...]
  7. Really! Concussion in PRACTICE! Only the lions could make it possible. Carolina bout to make AP look like Dalvin Cook this Sunday. Then this Thanksgiving will be spent taking bets on which RB gets more carries. Can't they just let Swift be great!
  8. Swift can't be stopped! Looks like our pick is finally turning into a league winner! LFG!
  9. Called it! This is Swifts backfield... AP just go sit down somewhere old man.
  10. Forget AP's revenge game... Swift is running strong today. You can't take him out!
  11. I'm not forced to start him so i won't, but i have high hopes for him. He has a very sexy schedule so the only thing stopping me from plugging him in is seeing what his involvement will be in the offense. His first game back looked promising! If he can produce again and stay consistent, I'll be happy to flex him the next 2 weeks in what should be to smash spots.
  12. From a real life stand point it makes all the sense he went to KC. He's already been paid, he wants a ring. From a fantasy standpoint Miami would have been the best landing spot for owners since Bell would be featured like he was with the Jets. Just a much better supporting cast, coach etc. As it stands we just have the best handcuff out there. I wouldn't expect much from him unless CEH royally messes up or something. Or maybe he's our garbage time hero when they're up huge and want to run out the clock. Either way he's a bench stash unless you're desperate. Worth noting the neither runni
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