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  1. I'd caution that Detroit only has 4 games this week compared to some who have 6, and their first game is on Tuesday against Toronto Raptors, the latest to be hit by COVID and PPDs.
  2. I have mixed feelings about IL+. Yahoo introduced this position, but it's up to each league whether they use it. By enabling this option, certain teams will benefit more than others while some wouldn't benefit from it at all. It modifies the rules that were set from the beginning which every team in my league used as a basis to draft their players. The obvious factor is injury-risk and the other less obvious, but should still be considered, are players that are likely to be rested, traded, and/or shutdown. The latter has been more popular in recent years. There's obviously luck involved here a
  3. Is he getting a fricken IL or not?! Yahoo btw
  4. Agree with all your points except this one for steals at least. This statement doesn't give him (enough) credit for his ability to read passes and simply pick pockets while staying out of foul trouble. There are many centers with long arms who can sit in passing lanes but would only get 1/3 of the steals. Not a lot of centers can do this (it's old but I just wanted to give a little more respect to this fantasy-friendly skill):
  5. Is it a high a FG% if we consider where his shots are coming from? And what about his turnovers or holding the ball for 10+ seconds in areas of the court where he's unlikely to score from? Perhaps there's more stats to look into than just points per game and FG%. https://streamable.com/gaj2eb
  6. No, he had 4 minutes with 3 fouls early 2nd quarter. He still had 4 mins when Robinson went out in the half then he played the entire 3rd quarter. He didn't see the floor again in the 4th which could be due to a combination of rest and the 20 point blowout. The starters didn't get benched until about 3 minutes left. It's a lot of mixed results here. Great to see that he played the entire 3rd but it would've been nice to see him come back in with around 7mins left in the 4th. It wasn't a 30 point blowout at the time(was it ever the entire game?).
  7. Perhaps improved FG% and less turnovers though.
  8. 9 Blocks!! 1 more for the 3x2!! Edit: Andd... a minute later, 10 blocks!!
  9. 😀 Meh, I'm a data engineer so it's exciting to dig through this data. I disagree doesn't really provide anything meaningful. Also, people on this forum appreciate this kind of analysis. It helps validate our reason to pick up a hot FA. I was really hoping you'd appreciate it as well rather than looking at it as if I was trying to one-up an online argument. Woops, my bad then 😃. Really hope you don't take my post in a bad way. Just wanted to provide some cool insight. Kanter is average in drawing fouls though. He has been his whole career and it looks the same this season. Thou
  10. Good for Tillman, but I'm going to be honest, I came to that thought based on some box scores I following the last few games and from what I've read in the past about Kanter's defense. Still though, I was surprised to see Kanter described as a beast on the low block so I looked into the stats myself to see if it's really true. Here's what I found. This season, there are 72 players eligible for the center position who has played at least 6 games this season. I looked into their opponent's shots that are less than 6 feet to the basket. When sorting by highest DFG% (Defended FG%), Kante
  11. Next two games are against Portland with Kanter at the 5. This should be good. 🙂
  12. He's down for a while.. I hope he's OK, but it doesn't look good. Edit: Just came back in after walking into the tunnel. Hoping it doesn't swell up after the game though
  13. I think SF and PF are the more natural positions for him. He's got good handles, quickness, and passing to play SF. He's too skinny to play center, but it's not like the team has anything to gain from playing Ed Davis at center. Might as well give the young kid some run and see what he can develop into.
  14. I don't know the numbers off the top of my head, but this is extremely unlikely. Either your math is wrong or the data you're using is wrong.
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