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  1. Hayward broke his hand last night and is out pending further evaluation and possible surgery. Murray is healthy and good upside so with Hayward out for maybe a month I would keep DJ. appreciate you comments on trade I am considering. good luck.
  2. No.. Sac's Bog and Rose are very up and down and Ingram has been on a roll. He will take a bit of a step back with Zion but that return may also increase Lonzos numbers as they will be out and running more with him. Booker is great but not enough. Appreciate your thougths on a deal I am looking at. Good luck.
  3. Yeah the Injury scenario is the reason I am considering....just lost hayward last night.
  4. Yesterday I would have said absolutely but now with Hayward out until mid-Dec it looks different. Still you would get two very good pieces in cj and Drummond and like you said have quite the block party. Do you have enough f's to get you through till Haywards return....
  5. Thougher question now with Hayward out....I think Kawhi is just too good when he plays straight for Kemba. Appreciate your thoughts on my current trade that is on my desk.. good luck JeffBallgame 11 minutes ago · Report post
  6. This is an pretty good offer. What are your categories that you are strong in.. Brandayz is right Turner when playing is great for blocks and Booker is one of the elite all around young players...PG was a monster last year but how much will he play? and Middleton is just solid almost everygame. I personally don't like the playing the resting game so I would prob hold Turner and Booker. Appreciate any comments on a trade I have on my desk as well. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/786868-love-for-sabonis/
  7. I would definitely hold Randle. PJs up and coming and C will help more but Randle fills the sheets and he is one of the mainstays on his team. Appreciate any thoughts on a trade I have in front of me as well.
  8. I really like Kennard. I guess the question with him is what happens when blake comes back but he has certainly been a hot hand lately. Nurkic is out for some time yet so he would be the first I look at. Good luck - appreciate any thoughts on something I was offered this morning.
  9. Your team is all American red cross team...sorry about that...Huerter is still a little banged up. I like him a lot and have been following him closely and have him on squad. Smart I just added because I have Hayward and just lost him last night so I think Smart may get that load. Given that Huerter is still working his way back it might be 'smart' to watch this another week before pulling the trigger. Would appreciate your thoughts on one that just came over to me this morning.
  10. Have been offered Sabonis for K Love.. Love has been big but Sabonis can play C and eventually F. Ayton susp. hurts but Haywards injury last night makes this a little riskier. Any thoughts 12 Team League Points/Rebounds/Assist scoring G: Barrett, Westbrook, Levert, Smart, Coby White F: Hayward, Butler, Love, PJ Wash, Huerter, OG 😄 Ayton/ W Carter
  11. I would keep PJW as he is a starter and Hart although pretty good to this point isn't and you have a couple players that are major contributors that have been nicked up or out and will be back soon.
  12. Should note Sabonis is a C in our league and he has KAT as well.
  13. Sabonis has been offered for a forward or forwards... Pretty happy with current squad but thinking of offering Love? Any thoughts? My squad 12 teams h2h G - Barrett - Westbrook - Levert - D White - C White F - Love - Hayward - Butler - PJ Washington - Huerter C - Ayton - M Gasol - W Carter
  14. While DLO if he plays the whole season seems to be a great deal he is a prime candidate to be shut down earlier than OG who is a developing player. That said I would still want DLO.
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