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  1. any chance he retains value once Bertans and Beal comes back?
  2. I thought Bertans was getting traded though and Beals in danger of being shutdown later on in the season. I thought it would be a good idea to handcuff them together but i might be thinking too far ahead. Maybe I will pick Mcrae up if he goes unclaimed lol.
  3. Hello I got sent this trade today and i was wondering about it, I have Gobert, Beal for Brogdon and Jrue Holiday. Its a H2H cats, 12 team league. Im a fantasy noob so i didnt really draft with the idea of punting certain categories. Sorry if this post doesnt like a regular one, i ve never posted here before nor have i done fantasy bball before.
  4. ahh shoot, is this going to kill his value, sry im pretty new to fantasy.
  5. is he going to absorb any of Collins minutes?
  6. Does anyone know how long Turners actually out, I heard he was week to week but today i read the blurb that he was questionable already.
  7. should i hold on to him? He didnt really seem to get anymore minutes then usual.
  8. I know hes balling out but im kinda glad i dont have to deal with this after that load management rollercoaster last year.
  9. Yea im not panicking, Im pretty confident hes gonna be a good pickup for this fantasy noob!
  10. I have J Rich, Beal, Rozier and Barton... with a nice dose of bledsoe
  11. I wonder if lads really thought they were getting that first 5 game Nunn for all 82 games.
  12. I would, I dont think Kerfoots in a position to produce and Hughs might hit the proverbial rookie wall. Kuz is a pretty consistent contributor. Im not really sure what to think of McAvoy though
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