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  1. Crowder for me. Johnson is in line to play a lot the rest of the year
  2. Thanks. My first year playing so definitely unsure of end-of-year strategies and whatnot
  3. I am comfortably in first place and on my way to a first round bye. Should I drop one of Theis/J Allen/Naz Reid for Cam Reddish? Right now my only SF eligible players are Mikal Bridges and RoCo.
  4. I agree with Lester, tough to pull the trigger on that when we don’t know the extent of his injury. But everything being equal, i’d trade Collins for Ayton. Bam is just doing everything for MIA right now.
  5. Currently in first place by 12 wins in 10-team, 11-category H2H. Is it too soon to stash Steph?
  6. I'm curious the rationale, is it that Brogdon won't sustain current production or the value of Jokic and Oubre outweighs whatever he does?
  7. I was offered my Brogdon and LeVert for his Jokic and Oubre. I am currently in first but my Center-eligible players are Adebayo, JJJ, and Jarrett Allen. Is Oubre's current production sustainable? Any input is appreciated
  8. I wouldn't drop Hachimura, he's at least been better than Ingles
  9. Conley doesn't look good at all, I'd take a shot on GH
  10. I'd do it. Harden is just having a slow start, nothing points to the slump lasting and the ceiling is obviously very high
  11. House for me. you could probably find someone else on waivers that can replicate what House does.
  12. Nunn IMO. Scoring is comparably easy to find and Nunn doesn't provide much else.
  13. Begrudgingly, I say stick with Nance. But it's a really close call. JJJ out helps Clarke's short term value but will be inconsistent once he's back. SHort story long if you need production now, Clarke is a solid pickup, but if you can hold out to see how Nance's situation develops it's not the worst decision.
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