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  1. Only way you’re still complaining about fouls or production is if you’re in a 10 man or less. Love when a good draft pick comes together!
  2. A LOT of people in this thread owe JJJ an apology
  3. Looks like all our draft picks were right after all...
  4. Surprised to still see the negativity here...compared to the first 2-3 weeks (Injuries included) he’s been gold... At this rate we have to accept this kid can’t grab boards like we want but he can score from anywhere on the court. Took a little while but if he doesn’t foul out he’s prob the 2nd option on the team. The cream always rises to the top! I’ll prob keep long term for now and see if the blocks come around.
  5. I think for fantasy Value Jamal Murray will always Be an above average player who’s at the very bottom of the 1st tier of point guards
  6. I did the same exact thing and will prob lose my league because of it
  7. So based off this enlightening Load Management back to back news. Where SHOULD he have been drafted ?
  8. Took him 44th overall in a 14 team league as my first PG off the board. Too early ?
  9. I truly feel like I may have blown my chances at winning the league with JJJ. What are realistic Expectations for his averages this year if Brandon Clarke emerges even more ?
  10. I have put him on the block many times to get feelers and everyone seems to lowball me in the offer, almost disrespectful. I was able to get an greenest for Bam Bam but I love SGA way too much right now. May consider it still in the future
  11. In a 14 team league and had the 13th pick...So I picked JJJ in the 3rd round Thinking there was a lot of upside. Well? I’m ****** now 😕
  12. I got him with the 69th pick in a 14 team draft. thank you dear Baby Jesus
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