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  1. Star players resting and taking personal time off now, not just the Raptors. Is this kind of season I guess 🤷‍♂️
  2. Wth lol. Does this mean all their starters will be taking turns to rest from now on?
  3. So does this mean he should get the IL designation by today? Harden already got his. Okay nm. Yahoo just updated haha
  4. I am somewhat worried about his production when Nurk is back. Expect the worse and hope for the best 😄
  5. Nothing will happen tonight. Wake up early tomorrow everyone!
  6. Man... Why did they play him yesterday!? Now he's out even with VO resting =.=
  7. Didn't look too bad when I was watching it. He was able to stand on his own and walk back to lockers okay. But for sure Sixers will want to rest him since they making playoffs.
  8. Clippers probably the most UNCLUTCH team I've watched this season so far.. lol
  9. Just came back from an injury, about to get his groove back, and now back to the INJ tag. NOICE
  10. If you people planning to grab him, just be aware ATL do have back-2-back games before and after ASB. Potential rest candidate
  11. Two games only though. Unless NBA able to squeeze in a make-up game from the previous PPDs
  12. The blocks and rebounds will probably drop when Nurkic comes back. On the other hand, he'll get to shoot more 3s and maybe slight increase of steals.
  13. S O F T At this point I'll just expect he will be out for the rest of the week haha
  14. I'm expecting around the same as when he was in OKC
  15. I did a quick google search (don't quote me on this), but it might take some-time to recover from a Bone Edema. Does anyone know more about this?
  16. We should all wish him a full recovery; Covid is no joke especially for athletes
  17. I watched first half of the game and he seemed to be breathing quite hard even without much movement. I am just assuming he is still recovering from covid. He's going to need some-time to get well.
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