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  1. Just like what they said, durability matters. Mitchell also for me.
  2. Keep House, who has season-long opportunity to produce especially with Gordon's poor performance. Parker will eventually be affected by JC's return and Huerter's full recovery.
  3. Added him already. Thanks all! The only issue for me was the possibility of having another player getting injured and in such case I would have two dead roster spots in my team. But all in all, I agree that it's the right move.
  4. I'm currently in 2nd place and on-track to win this week. If I get JC, worst-case scenario I'll be in 8th place after the end of his suspension. We have 8 teams in playoffs. Worth the risk? I also don't want one of my higher-ranked opponents to get him.
  5. I guess it really depends on the health of Curry, but unless you are struggling and at the end of your standing, I would keep Vucevic and Curry. Both will definitely improve and better options ROS, especially you have 2 IL slots. Covington and Randle are pretty much at their respective ceilings right now. If you do proceed, however, I’ll drop Hezonja instead of Harris. So you’re basically giving up Vuc, Curry, and Hezonja/Harris for Covington and Randle. Not worth it for me.
  6. Both of them are getting frustrated for sure, as the stats show. But with his defense, Gobert still retains value even in this situation. And yeah I agree that they'll make it work, as Conley is an intelligent player. I just hope that it happens asap. Thanks!
  7. Giannis side for me, with Zion offering more potential ROS.
  8. Hi, need your help! John Collins has been dropped in our standard 12-team 9-cat H2H League.I have the ff: G - Lillard, Mitchell, Lowry, D. White F - Washington, A. Gordon, House C - Gobert, Porzingis, W. Carter, Valanciunas, Holmes Should I add JC and drop White? If it is not advisable to get JC right now, when would probably be the best time? First week of December might be a safe bet but I'm not sure if he would still be available by that time. Thanks!
  9. Drop Thybulle and let someone else take a risk on him, if there's any
  10. You lost that trade. Minutes cap is much better than missing games. But I don't think it's lopsided enough to be vetoed.
  11. I agree. You can pick him up later, no need for waiver.
  12. Anybody watches Jazz games regularly? How's the chemistry between him and Conley?
  13. Any update on whether he'll play in the upcoming back-to-backs?
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