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  1. Why? Who gives a **** about this season? It'd be nice to make the playoffs, but they're not ready to contend yet. More important to make sure Zion is healthy
  2. Think there’s any chance he can make a serious jump if he signs with or gets traded to a contending team?
  3. Can’t comment on those guys specifically, but producing great steals and blocks numbers doesn’t necessarily correlate to actually playing good real life defense. In regard to young guys you see a similar trend pretty often. They enter the league and try and block every single shot, causing them to foul often and be taken out of position on fakes. As their game matures (if it does), often they stop playing as risky of defense and play a better positional game (which doesn’t necessarily translate into steals + blocks. in regard to steals, often the ability to rack up steals just means
  4. Assume he was referring to his ability to play real life defense. No one contents he’s a great rebounder, but there’s more to defense than that. I don’t personally watch him enough to comment here but I have heard similar criticisms
  5. Didn’t he breakout like 3rd season w the heat after 2 years in sac after getting drafted there? Hardly a journeyman. Not to mention he’s absurdly better in fantasy than IRL
  6. Yea not giving SGA more opportunities and responsibilities is the way to develop him...
  7. Don’t think they’re gonna shaft their hopeful franchise player like that
  8. Didn’t they already officially announce he won’t play back to backs this year?
  9. Dude go toss whatever bagleys numbers you think he’ll get into bbm and compare to what bam is doing. Given any sort of reasonable projection for bagley, and assuming bam doesn’t have a massive regression(sample size keeps growing...), bams the better fantasy asset.
  10. What the email/phone number to contact at ESPN to try and get him PF? We gotta start spamming it...
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