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  1. While I agree he has been terrible, I think we are overstating what LaMelo will do to him. The hornets don't have much talent tbh and they frequently run 2 PG sets and will do so moving forward. Whether LaMelo starts or comes off the bench, there is 30 mins for all 3 of Rozier, Graham and LaMelo. I'm going to hold for one more week. If he continues to **** the bed, he's hitting the waiver wire. Luckily I have a good enough team to sustain this and in my category league, im punting fg% anyways.
  2. He surely can't shoot 27% the whole year. He is an above average shooter who happens to be in a contract year. I still believe this man can get it going, he just needs to have ONE good shooting game and it will boost his confidence. He looks gun shy out there, for a man that is a bomber from 3.
  3. He looked good out there but it does seem like him and Pop have a thing. Every time he makes a mistake, he looks over at the bench and you can just see pop going nuclear on him. You will see other players make way worse errors but they don't get the ire of Pop like Murray seems to. He seems to fight back a bit which probably makes it worse for him. Its probably Pops style of coaching though and I do trust Pop long term, just sucks as a fantasy owner because when he plays freely without fear, man he looks good on both sides of the ball.
  4. Too often, Bam allows someone else to grab the board who is more thristy for it. He could go up and grab it but he allows Jimmy or Herro or Goran or someone else to grab it. The ones that are contested, he fights for those and usually ends up with them. Annoying for fantasy but good for real life.
  5. I like both guys but with Bog injured right now, Spellman's game this week could help me. And what is Bog's value with Fox in the line up anyways.
  6. Doubtful for today but a good sign that theres even a small chance? I don't even know why players are listed doubtful smh. How often does a doubtful player play anymore?
  7. From the games I have watched, his assist numbers are almost exclusively tied to Rudy Gobert. I think if teams are playing the pick and roll with hard switches, or are worried about giving up the 3 ball to him, then he is able to dump into down to Rudy for the easy layup/dunk. If they instead decide to take away rudys path the basket, he doesn't have the greatest vision otherwise. He is just really good at operating the pick and roll for himself and the roll man.
  8. He's definitely an undersized PF, I think he was listed at 6'8 this year with the "real" measurements. On top of that, he's really skinny. He makes up for his size with his extreme athleticism and quickness but being his size can be troubling for injuries long term. Looking likely he will miss a long time. Luckily Lavert coming off injured list, so Bags can take his place. Smh, haven't had a healthy roster once this year thanks to this guy.
  9. At one point in the 4th, I saw Frank literally clap his hands like "give me the ball" from Randle. Randle proceeded to give him the ball, he was just standing at the top of the circle. Here I thought Frank would do something with it, all he does is give it to RJ and then clears out the right side to the opposite corner. At which point RJ takes a 3-4 dribble iso 3, which bricks off the front rim. I still don't know what frank was thinking calling for it like that only to give it to RJ for an ISO 3 lol. My point being, even in a really good game, he isn't a true PG that you want
  10. Man, when you watch Frank play versus Elf, man the difference is huge. I don't think Frank will ever be a truly functional PG in the league, more like a PG you can put beside a dominate ball handler like Lebron or Luka. Elf is a true PG, he can run the pick and roll, find open guys or just get to the rim. He missed a few easy ones today as well, right at the rim.
  11. Bagley will play a ton because he is the superior player to Holmes, its that simple. It won't be about force feeding minutes to Bagley, he isn't a rookie anymore. He has a refined face up game that the kings will desperately need and thats why he will stay on the floor. The kings offense isn't good enough to keep Bagley out of it.
  12. Same, Im gonna hold because of how good he looked running the offense. He definitely looks hobbled a bit out there, not the same pep in his step.
  13. I've had Ingles for the last two games, he's been super solid for me in my points league. Would you guys drop him for Taurean Prince? I'm new to the forum, so I can't post on the assistant coach forum.
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