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  1. What do you think? Nunn is trending down and i also got robinson and adobayo from heat and i'm gonna drop nunn, otto was one of my fav players but he was trash starting of the season and with the injury not sure he's gonna produce enough.
  2. I dont think AD will stay healthy for all reg season esp. fantasy play-offs, im going with butler and kemba.
  3. You lost big man but i have a good news for you, you can get a job if you apply at NYK.
  4. i want to pair harden-Roco if he trade to rockets, but melo gets nice stocks lately i don't know its a long term thing.
  5. Cuz he is still valuable, this type of centers performs descending in 30+, same thing cp3, sell him as high as you can and i don't think they care about making play offs with this -rent a guy- team.
  6. He is really the underdog, he has amazing playmaking skills like adebayo-jokic lite, we seen it last year. But hate to see him waiting corner and making space for Sexxton and garland play iso. Damn you cavs.
  7. Oh i tried to comment on payton's page, i guess this is magic's page. im outta here go win your league with payton, good luck.
  8. he is not gonna stay healty man, you can't trust this guy, he plays like lite prime rondo 1 month of every year , but then boom INJ tag. And he plays NYK, so much to annoy owner.
  9. i'm saying its not gonna keep going, he is not ben simmons and you cant take him off the ww.
  10. Lose 3p and you got BEN SIMMONS. Its payton guys not an unknown player, dont get hyped.
  11. Man i hate cavs, full of useless low iq guards. They really, i mean REALLY need a solid playmaker. Cmon playing with sexton&garland&clarkson is nightmare for a guy like nance. just imagine he plays for mavs...
  12. What do you guys expect from him when he returns(hoping in dec), with that knee? I just got this muscle man and dame for simmons adebayo and melo.
  13. Holding, this rookie month will pass and we get 3's and stocks again with a decent %.
  14. Whole team is played sh*t, just forget this game and move on.
  15. I hope its not like stone cold injury, looks very bad. Get well soon kemba.
  16. No guys drop him and run for melo cuz he's 35 time all star.
  17. I missed that asists from Last year. Damn he plays with pass last guards like garland and sexton! Worst team building ever
  18. Damn i betrayed my lord and put him in a deal for adebayo. I am sorry and i accept the punishment i deserve.
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