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  1. May be we should just stop arguing and let the time speak, as we all know we cannot convince each other. By the end of the season we will know whether Bam or Kat is a better fantasy player. Good luck dude.
  2. It’s pathetic that you still don’t know what’s going on in the wolves team. Beasley and edwards are now the bosses in the team, and Kat getting one or two good games occasionally would not change that. I bet you never watched any wolves games this season, Saunders just let Beasley and edwards run the offence and he never set any play for Kat. Most of the time, particularly in the 4th quarter you can see Kat just run up and down the court without getting any touch of the ball. Also in order to maximise their chance to get the top3 pick, wolves will definitely shut down Kat later in the seas
  3. It’s just waste of time to talk to a fantasy newbie like you..... btw no need to @ me until Kat got a triple double this season. Oh wait Kat never got a triple double in his career isn’t it?
  4. Oh by the way, if you guys still think Kat is a top 5 fantasy player, go ahead and try to trade him for like embiid, Sabonis, Vucevic, Bam, Gobert, Zion, Capela etc. who are mostly drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round center/power forward this season in standard 12 team league and see who would give you a fxxk 🤣
  5. It is really enjoyable to see you guys still have so much hype on Kat. Well I guess time will tell and enjoy your rest of the fantasy season with the “top 5” fantasy player 🤣
  6. Oh FYI, KAT just took 2 shots in the 2nd half, and one of them is made after KAT got an offensive rebound. dont get me wrong, I am a wolves fan and I love KAT, but as long as KAT is with the wolves I don’t see any silver lining. Try to see if you could get Zion back, if you are lucky enough.
  7. As I said, COVID + KAT’s soft personality (he never ask the ball to get into his hands) + awful coach and management
  8. I know it’s sad but it’s the truth. Wolves’ management and coach suck and the losing culture for many years already made the team doesn’t know how to win. May be they don’t want to win at all and just keep tanking to pile the lotteries. KAT is a good player and he deserves to be traded to a champion contender team. I don’t want to see KAT getting rotted in the team just like KG. But seriously fantasy wise, KAT won’t be good this year as long as he is with the wolves.
  9. Don’t you guys see the ball is not in KAT’s hands now. Edwards, Beasley and Rubio just keep firing the ball whenever they want and most of the time KAT simply just run up and down without getting any touch. No doubt KAT is a good player but if you do watch the game you will notice that KAT is no longer the go-to guy in the team.
  10. lol I won’t, do you know COVID would affect one’s health permanently. Towns is not the same old KAT anymore and it would be lucky if he can get you a 3rd round value for the rest of the season (barring him from being shut down due to the tank mode)
  11. Just @ me when KAT has Bam’s today’s performance this season 😉
  12. lmao, it is funny that you guys still think KAT is a better fantasy player than Bam
  13. Yeah whatever as long as you feel happy with KAT 😁
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