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  1. how many weeks early should you end the fantasy season? what date?
  2. Points league h2h. Our playoffs are Week 22-24. Nets and Pacers get four games per week on Week 23 and 24. Mavs have 3 and 3. Hornets have 3 and 4. Considering I get a bye week for Week 22 as I’m barely holding onto 1st, should I trade Luka and Rozier for Sabonis and Dinwiddie? (Trade has been discussed and would be accepted if I sent it as the other guy needs the Mavs 4 games during Week 22)
  3. accepted this trade to get beal and siakam yesterday. Do I lose now that siakam is out indefinitely? 9cat h2h
  4. points league H2H Jrue for sabonis and bojan?
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