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  1. Just held this guy over Flynn in my hold / stream slots and starting to wonder what his ROS projected value will be. I’ve been giving him a long leash but I’m starting to become concerned with his FT% due to volume, and his inconsistent rebounding & blocks. Anyone have any thoughts on if guys like Flynn and Brunson are better holds and instead try to stream for Moses production? Those games where he gets 20 rebounds makes me not want to risk seeing this guy on my opponents teams. Is there an easy way to evaluate how much a player contributes to your wins in fantasy on any given week? F
  2. Not sure what’s going on but after holding him for so long, I dropped him for cousins. I recently picked up Melitón as well so I’m willing to gamble that he can give me kyles stats or better.
  3. Bledsoe just continues to slide in rank in season long ranks. Was at 175 season long and doesn’t even show up on the 7/15/30 day tracking. Meanwhile Vanderbilt has performed well enough these last 2 weeks and his stocks are valuable to me. Hoping he plays better with KAT back. Yes I’m concerned I’m losing out on Bledsoe’s assists 3s and scoring which I really need, but it looks like his percentages and turnovers continue to weigh him down no matter how good he has played these last couple of weeks and there was no trade market for him in my league. I faced the same dilemma with goran 2 weeks a
  4. Yea dropped Bledsoe kept Van picked up Melton
  5. Just held on to Vanderbilt over Bledsoe when debating who to drop for Melton. Was stuck on Vanderbilts stocks and how valuable they are. Kind of starting to regret the decision so hopefully this guy can bounce back with a strong performance or he might have to turn into my streaming slot if Melton holds up.
  6. Just gambled dropping Bledsoe for Melton (was torn between bledsoe & vanderbilt) and kind of already regret it 😑 Really hope i didn't just F up
  7. Really hoping this guy can be consistently good as i just gambled dropping Bledsoe for him (was torn between bledsoe & vanderbilt). Really hope i didn't just F up.
  8. I received an offer of Embiid for my Ayton, Smart yesterday.... I actually turned that down smh.
  9. What are you guys hoping for when he gets back?
  10. Had an offer for Bazley for Bledsoe, if that falls through i think ill be replacing him with mason plumlee.
  11. Can someone who watched the game comment on what the heck happened to dragic tonight? 10 mins after ballin the previous two games?
  12. Can you screenshot the relevant section of that article? Locked behind a pay wall and trying to figure out what happened with dragic tonight.
  13. 12 Team 9Cat H2H Current team: PG: Lillard, Smart, Dragic, G. Hill SG: Holiday, M. Beasley, Bledsoe SF: Butler, K. Anderson, PF: Covington, Nance, C- Ayton, Holmes, IR: K. Walker, JJJ Need 3s/Boards/Blocks Tight rotation no obvious cut or streaming slot Thanks for the help / leave link for WHIR
  14. Lol I have smart, both offers were to the same oubre owner. Would the oubre owner take either deal?
  15. Just sent 2 offers for this guy: 1. Bledsoe for Oubre 2. Kemba Walker & Cameron Johnson for Oubre Not sure if to buy low or stay away lol
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